Clean your source code for search engines and new meta tags – SEOPress 3.7.6 and 3.7.7 release

SEOPress 3.7.6 and 3.7.7 are now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – improve your source code for Google Bot

If your theme uses the “hentry” class in your source code, Google detects it as a structured data (schema) which is wrong. You now have the option to delete this class (it is also unused in CSS in almost all themes) from SEO > Advanced > Advanced tab.

Two new options to clean the comments area (SEO > Advanced > Advanced tab):

  • remove author website in comments to avoid creating useless links to your homepage when the post author answers comments
  • remove website field in comments to avoid SPAM

🎉 New – Open Graph meta tags: article:tag and article:section

On singular post, we now automatically add article:tag and article:section. These Open Graph meta tags improve social sharing on Facebook and other social networks using OG tags.

🎉 Other news

WordPress 4.7 is now the minimum version required by SEOPress to work properly. Please upgrade!

We have added a new dynamic variable, %%page%%, to display pagination in archive pages with the context (eg: page 1 of 10).

We also add the SiteNavigationElement schema. Go to SEO > PRO > Structured data types to activate it.

Compatibility with Toolset, Admin Columns PRO and Oxygen Builder plugins has been improved.

And so much more! Take a look at the changelog below to see all the changes.

Thank you all for your contribution. If you want to submit your feedback, contact us!


This release contains the following changes:

= 3.7.7 = 10/12/2019
NEW WordPress 4.7 is now the minimum required to use SEOPress (WP 5.3 is recommended)
NEW Add %%page%% dynamic variable, current page number with context (eg: “Page 1 of 4”)
NEW Add “Remove hentry post class” option (SEO > Advanced > Advanced tab) to prevent Google from seeing this as a schema
NEW Add “Remove author website in comments” option (SEO > Advanced > Advanced tab)
NEW Add “Remove website field in comments” option (SEO > Advanced > Advanced tab)
NEW Add “Clean manually all your 404 errors” feature (SEO > Tools > Redirections > Clean your 404 errors)
NEW article:tag meta property on singular post for Open Graph protocol
NEW article:section meta property on singular post for Open Graph protocol
NEW Add a notification to alert admin if PHP module DOM is missing from SEO notifications center
NEW Add “Remove default breadcrumbs JSON-LD structured data (WooCommerce 3+)” option (SEO > PRO > WooCommerce)
NEW Add ‘seopress_context_paged’ hook to filter %%page%% dynamic variable (
NEW ‘seopress_social_og_tag’ hook to filter article:tag metas (
NEW ‘seopress_social_og_section’ hook to filter article:section meta (
NEW ‘seopress_titles_template_variables’ hook to filter dynamic variables in meta title / desc… (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_post_date’ hook to filter date in HTML sitemap (
NEW Content analysis: check if one your target keyword is in your slug
INFO add new characters to content analysis to avoid “NAN” error
INFO Update Admin Columns PRO compatibility (thanks to Stefan)
INFO The notification about the license activation is now only show for users with “manage_options” capability
INFO Improve code design
INFO Add “ and ” characters to pixels counter
INFO Improve plugin updater to avoid 403 error on license activation
FIX Warning count() error if no main menu selected from “Add SiteNavigationElement schema” feature
FIX Replace category_link (deprecated) by term_link
FIX a notice on 404 page in specific case
FIX Incorrect message about PRO version in Configuration wizard (thanks to @Noomia)
FIX Bulk edit for post types generated by Toolset plugin
FIX Undefined variable in plugin-licence.php file
FIX Change CSV separator for Export metadata tool (‘,’ to ‘;’)

= 3.7.6 = 21/11/2019

NEW Add SiteNavigationElement schema (SEO > PRO > Structured data types to enable this schema on your main menu)
INFO Add compatibility to Oxygen Builder for additional tracking code (body tag)
INFO add new characters to content analysis to avoid “NAN” error
FIX Change CSV seperator for Export metadata tool (‘,’ to ‘;’) to match import metadata tool seperator
FIX Export CSV in specific cases
FIX XML sitemaps if WordPress is located in a subdirectory
FIX Short description for WooCommerce in Product Automatic schema
FIX Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Empty string supplied as input in XML sitemaps

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