The Schema update – SEOPress 4.7

SEOPress 4.7 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – How-to schema

It’s now possible to add a manual “How-to” schema to your post using our Structured data types metabox when you edit a post, page or post type.

Useful for every “How-to” article to get more visibility in search engine results. We encourage you to download our free ebook to learn more about schemas.

How-to schema - SEOPress
How-to schema – SEOPress

🎉 New – Automatic schemas improvements

We have added a new condition to automatic schemas: Post ID is equal / is not equal to “your post ID”.

Post ID condition, automatic schemas - SEOPress
Post ID condition, automatic schemas – SEOPress

Requesting by several users, you can now filter the list of available dynamic variables using these 3 new hooks:

  • seopress_schemas_mapping_select
  • seopress_schemas_dyn_variables
  • seopress_schemas_dyn_variables_replace
seopress custom variables automatic schemas
Add custom dynamic variables to automatic schemas list

Filtering automatic schemas is now super easy with our brand new hooks returning an array:

The previous filters will continue to work as expected but we encourage everyone to use them now.

🎉 New – Schema properties

New properties have been added to both automatic and manual schema to follow the evolution of structured data types:

  • Speakable property for Article schema
  • ReviewBody property for Review schema
  • Menu and acceptsReservations properties for Local Business schema
  • Video property for Recipe schema
  • Author property (custom) for Article schema
  • Start Date Timezone, Organizer Name and Organizer URL properties to Event schema

🎉 Other news

You can now noindex attachment pages from SEO, Titles and metas page, Advanced tab. After saving changes don’t forget to clear your cache.

The Dutch language has been updated.

And several other things has been enhanced or fixed.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new update dedicated to structured data types.

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