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Redirection manager and 404 error monitoring to prevent traffic and SEO loss.

Redirect manager

Our redirect manager will allow you to:

  • create 301, 302, 307, 410 and 451 redirects
  • with regular expressions
  • and connection status as condition (logged in, not logged in, both)
  • to group redirects by category
  • and import / export redirects
Redirect manager - SEOPress

Regular expressions

Since version 5.3 of SEOPress PRO, you can now use regex to create complex redirects.

Eg: redirect every URLs starting by “product” like to another one with this regex:

Regex option in Redirections - SEOPress PRO
Create redirections with SEOPress PRO

Import redirects from CSV or other WordPress plugins

Save time by importing your redirects from a CSV file generated via Excel or Google Sheets.

Do you want to migrate your data from a competing solution? No worries, we support:

  • Redirections,
  • Yoast
  • and Rank Math.
Import redirections settings page - SEOPress

Export redirections

As always with SEOPress, it super easy to import or export data. And our redirects feature is no exception to this rule!

  • export to CSV file
  • export to .htaccess file
Export redirects settings - SEOPress

Automatic redirects

Be notified when content is deleted or slug changed to generate a redirect in one click and avoid losing traffic.

SEOPress automatic redirect
Create redirections with SEOPress PRO

Monitor your 404 errors

Detect 404 errors on your site to fix them, improve user experience and reduce your crawl budget.

Convert a 404 error into a redirect in few clicks.

We count the number of times a 404 error has been detected in order to rank them by importance.

Redirections and 404 monitoring settings - SEOPress
Better user experience, better SEO!

Stop losing traffic by redirecting your visitors

How to manage a WordPress site migration without breaking your SEO

During a site redesign or migration, it is important that old URLs are redirected to new ones. The complete tutorial so you don't miss a thing.

Build a redirection plan

Import your redirects

Quickly migrate your redirections from a CSV file or other SEO plugins to SEOPress PRO.

Migrate from…

How to add redirections

Learn how to create your own 301 redirects in few minutes and monitor your 404 errors with SEOPress PRO.

Enable 301 redirections and 404 monitoring
Create redirections with SEOPress PRO