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Display a breadcrumbs to improve accessibility for your visitors and SEO with the Breadcrumb schema.

Add HTML breadcrumbs

Add a custom breadcrumbs to your site to change the one displayed in Google search results just below your meta title.

Use a shortcode inside your content or paste the PHP function to your header.php file of your theme to add it.

Need to change the title of the page just for the breadcrumbs? Edit it from the Advanced tab of our SEO metabox. Simple!

Breadcrumbs settings - SEOPress

Breadcrumbs schema in JSON-LD

Our HTML breadcrumbs is marked with the Google structured data type “breadcrumbs”. But how can I benefit from the advantages of this schema without having to display it to my visitors? No worries, activate the breadcrumbs in JSON-LD option visible only to search engines.

Breadcrumbs in Google’s search results
Fully customizable breadcrumbs for your WordPress site

Customize your breadcrumbs

From our user interface, configure your breadcrumbs as you want:

  • change the separator
  • select which custom post types and taxonomies to show
  • display a custom text before the breadcrumbs
  • fully translatable with WPML, Polylang and other multilingual plugins
Breadcrumbs settings - SEOPress
Do it for SEO and accessibility!

Add a custom breadcrumbs to your WordPress site

How to use SEOPress' breadcrumbs

Learn how to easily add our breadcrumbs to your WordPress site.

Enable Breadcrumbs

Elementor breadcrumbs widget

Elementor user? It's even easier for you to add our breadcrumbs to your page!

Elementor breadcrumbs widget
Fully customizable breadcrumbs for your WordPress site