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Editing .htaccess & robots.txt Files

Quickly add custom rules to your robots.txt file for crawlers. Easily add redirect to your .htaccess file.

Edit your robots.txt file

Tell search engine crawlers which directories and URLs are allowed to be crawled.

Reduce your crawl budget by blocking what doesn’t need to be.

Quickly add predefined rules like WP default ones, block crawlers from SEO tools, link your xml sitemaps…

robots.txt settings - SEOPress

Edit your .htaccess file

  • No need to connect to your server using SFTP / SSH key.
  • Block directory in one click
  • Protect your wp-config.php file
  • Add 301 redirect
htaccess settings - SEOPress
Manage crawler traffic

Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file from WordPress admin

How to create a robots.txt file

Complete guide to use our robots.txt file feature, quickly add custom rules and more!

Edit your robots.txt file

Hook to filter robots.txt file

Almost everything is hookable with SEOPress PRO and robots.txt is no exception. Developers can filter dynamically their robots.txt file with their own PHP code.

Filter robots.txt file
Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file directly from WordPress