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Create your custom XML and HTML sitemaps for search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex to improve crawling of your site by robots and get faster indexing in search results.

XML Sitemap for WordPress

Create your custom XML sitemaps by adding your custom post types (post, pages, WooCommerce products…) and custom taxonomies in few clicks.
Posts marked as “noindex” are automatically excluded from your sitemap to avoid any errors in Google Search Console.

Fully compatible with Core XML sitemaps feature (WP 5.5+). We automatically disable them to avoid any SEO conflicts.


WordPress Image Sitemap

SEOPress can automatically add your images to your XML sitemap to improve visibility in Google Images.
We support:

  • standard images,
  • image galleries,
  • featured image,
  • WooCommerce product images
Generate XML Sitemaps for WordPress with SEOPress
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Video Sitemaps

Manually add videos to your sitemaps whether the videos are hosted on your site or not. Dramatically improve indexing of your videos and your rank in Google’s video search results.

YouTube videos are automatically added to your video XML sitemap.


News XML Sitemaps for WordPress

Add your posts to Google News with our XML News sitemaps.
Allow Google to discover your posts faster and improve indexing of your news.


Author Sitemaps

List your article authors within a dedicated sitemap.

Generate XML Sitemaps for WordPress with SEOPress
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HTML Sitemaps for WordPress

HTML sitemaps can help search engines understand the structure of your site but it’s also a requirement for accessibility.
Easily embed your HTML sitemap into a page using our shortcode. In just one click, you can change the order and sorting criteria, exclude specific posts and more.

Faster crawling and indexing

Create your XML Sitemaps for WordPress with SEOPress

No technical knowledge required

Everything is configurable from the SEOPress UI.

All In One sitemaps

Create your XML sitemaps for posts, taxonomies, custom post types, images, videos, news, authors and more in 1 click.

Paginated sitemaps

Do you have thousands of articles on your site? No worries, SEOPress automatically generates paginated sitemaps (1000 posts per sitemap) for optimal performance.

Generate XML Sitemaps for WordPress with SEOPress
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