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WooCommerce SEO

Increase the sales of your WooCommerce site with SEOPress.

XML product sitemap (+ product images)

Make it easy to index your WooCommerce product listings by submitting an XML sitemap for your products. Keep Google informed of the latest changes to the content produced and speed up exploration by the robot.

Enable the images sitemap to automatically add:

  • WooCommerce product images
  • and WooCommerce image galleries

Automatic / manual product schema

Get product rich snippets in Google search results page for more visibility and conversions by automatically or manually adding a product structured data type to your site.

No coding required.

We also add “Product Global Identifiers type” and “Product Global Identifiers” fields to the Inventory tab when you edit a product to be fully compliant with Google guidelines when using product schemas.

SEOPress automatic product schema
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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

With our GA Enhanced Ecommerce integration, tracks:

  • purchases
  • add to cart
  • remove from cart

Events in Google Analytics and make relevant decisions to improve your strategy.

SEOPress Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Without forgetting...

  • Price and currency meta tags to improve social sharing
  • Centralized way to set noindex meta robots tags on pages like cart, checkout
  • WooCommerce support for our breadcrumbs feature
  • Global dynamic tags to insert in your metas titles / descriptions related to WooCommerce data (product categories, attributes and so much more)
WooCommerce SEO with SEOPress
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Increase your sales with SEOPress PRO

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Complete guide to learn how to rank a business hotel in Google search results.

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