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Add ACF custom fields to content analysis

By default, the content analysis feature doesn’t include fields created with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

We don’t want to analyse fields that doesn’t make sense.

Good news, we have a hook to add your own custom fields to our content analysis.

To do that, simply copy and paste this snippet to your functions.php file of your child theme:

Replace “my-custom-field” with the name of your custom field. To find its name, go to Custom Fields, choose a field groups, and edit a field to see its name.

Advanced Custom Fields, field name

If you have several custom fields, you can do something like this:

function sp_content_analysis_content($content, $id) { 
	//$content = default WP editor 
	//$id = current post ID 
	//Example to add your custom field to content analysis 
	$cf = get_post_meta($id, 'my-custom-field', true);
        $cf2 = get_post_meta($id, 'my-custom-field2', true); 
	$content = $content.$cf.$cf2; 
	return $content;
add_filter('seopress_content_analysis_content', 'sp_content_analysis_content', 10, 2);

You can also use an array / foreach to manage dozens of custom fields more efficiently.

Example with ACF repeater fields

That’s it! These fields will now be analyzed when you edit / create a new content.