Import redirects from a CSV file

Since SEOPress 1.8

Build your CSV file

Import your own redirections from a .csv file (separator “;”). You must have 6 columns in this order:

  • URL to match (without your domain name),
  • URL to redirect in absolute,
  • type of redirection (301, 302 or 307),
  • Yes to enable the redirect (leave it empty to disable the redirect)
  • the query parameter without the quotes (“exact_match” = Exact match with all parameters, “without_param” = Exclude all parameters or “with_ignored_param” = Exclude all parameters and pass them to the redirection)
  • the counter: number of times the redirect was loaded (optional, leave it empty)

Download a CSV example

Import your CSV file

Go to SEO, Tools, Redirections tab, Import Redirections section and upload your file.

Go to SEO, Redirections to see your new redirects.

Last modified: May 27, 2020