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Email & Slack notifications

The Slack and email notifications feature of SEOPress Insights allows you to receive alerts when the SEO rankings changes.

Email notifications

The email notification feature allows you to receive email updates when your website’s SEO performance changes. This feature is useful for website owners who want to stay informed about their site’s search engine rankings, but don’t have time to check their analytics regularly.

You will receive an email per day / week or monthly containing all your keywords, the url associated with them, their position in Google search results and the variations it has been affected.

  • A green value preceded by a plus means that your keyword has gained in visibility.
  • Conversely, a red value preceded by a minus indicates a loss of visibility.
  • The black equal implies no change.

You can consult the whole study by clicking on the button at the end of the email.

If you notice big fluctuations, it is possible that Google has made an update of its algorithm. You can stay informed of these evolutions by subscribing to our newsletter.


A fully customizable email rankings notification

Only eight fields are required to schedule your personalized notification.

Choose if you want a complete email containing all your keywords or only your favorites. You can also define one or more recipients, simply by entering one or more email address. Finally, define the order and sorting of your data: by variation, by keyword or by position (ascending or descending).

Receive alerts when your website's SEO performance changes

Slack notifications for your keywords and backlinks

The Slack integration allows you to receive rankings and backlinks notifications directly into a dedicated Slack channel. This can be useful for teams working on website optimization, as it allows them to quickly and easily share information and collaborate on SEO improvements.

You also don’t want to overload your mailbox.

To do so, choose a workspace and a channel where you want to receive these alerts and they will be sent automatically.

You want to know how technically this is set up? Read this tutorial and you will see, nothing could be easier.

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Receive alerts when your website's SEO performance changes
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