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SEO Title & Meta Tags

Update TITLE tags and META Description in WordPress. Setup custom meta robots and more.

Add meta title and meta description to WordPress

Improve your ranking and click-through rate by editing the title and meta description of your content directly from our SEO metabox.

Make your work easier by using one or more of the 50 dynamic variables available to you. You can use the “post title”, “site title”, “article author”, “post date” or add your own.

See what your page will look like in Google search results with our Google Snippet Preview (mobile / desktop).

Got too much content and don’t want to customize everything? You can define a global title and meta description for each type of publication, taxonomy, archives, etc.


SEOPress Universal Metabox

Custom Meta Robots

Just check a box and tell search engines what should and should not be indexed, globally or individually.

  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • noodp
  • noimageindex
  • noarchive
  • nosnippet
SEOPress canonical URL and meta robots settings
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Edit your SEO metadata directly from your page builder!

Manage all of your SEO from any page builder with our universal SEO metabox. No more constant back and forth between your editor and the WordPress administration.

Maximum productivity!


Installation wizard to get started

Quickly and easily configure basic SEO settings for your WordPress site with our 6-step setup wizard. The best way to get started with SEOPress without missing any of the key SEO steps.

The basis of SEO

Get started with SEOPress to optimize your WordPress SEO

Manage titles and metas

Complete guide to add custom meta title and description individually or globally to your WordPress site.

Manage Titles & Metas

Import metadata from other SEO plugins or CSV file

Easily migrate your SEO metadata from Yoast, Rank Math, AIO and much more in just a few clicks thanks to our import tool.

Migrate from…

Beginner’s Guide to SEOPress

Don't know where to start? Follow our complete guide, from setup to optimizing your traffic and conversions.

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