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Best WordPress SEO for Developers and Agencies

Increase your productivity with SEOPress. Thought from the start to massively manage your SEO. Save time and money!

Import your redirects from CSV or other WordPress plugins

Save time by importing your redirects from a CSV file generated via Excel or Google Sheets.

Do you want to migrate your data from a competing solution? No problem !

Save time
Redirections - SEOPress

Easily insert your own tracking scripts

Add an additional tracking code such as Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar… to the head, body or footer of the source code of your managed sites. Compatible with our cookie bar to manage user consent for GDPR.

What about Google Analytics? Your GA statistics data just a click away from your WordPress dashboard.

Analyze what you need
Install the best SEO plugin for WordPress

Easily manage user roles

Avoid possible confidentiality problems and false bad manipulations by authorizing / blocking each page of SEOPress options according to the user role.

Keep control
Security settings - SEOPress

Get more traffic from Google Images

Help search engines crawl and index your site images faster by automatically adding them to your XML sitemaps.

We support:

  • standard images,
  • image galleries,
  • featured images,
  • WooCommerce product images.
Earn up to 20% more traffic
SEOPress XML Sitemap settings page

Edit your robots.txt file

Tell search engine robots which directories and URLs are allowed to be crawled.

Cut your crawl budget by blocking what doesn’t need to be.

Quickly add predefined rules like WP defaults, block SEO tool bots, link your xml sitemap …

A powerful robots.txt file
robots.txt settings - SEOPress
Install the best SEO plugin for WordPress

Easily edit your .htaccess file

  • No need to connect in SFTP or via an SSH key
  • Block directory crawling in one click
  • Protect your wp-config.php file
  • Add a 301 redirect
Edit your .htaccess file
htaccess settings - SEOPress


Developers can access SEO metadata through our REST API in order to build static sites. We return a fully filterable JSON stream containing:

  • title
  • meta description
  • canonical url
  • facebook title
  • facebook description
  • facebook image
  • twitter headline
  • twitter description
  • twitter image
  • meta robots: noindex, nofollow, noodp, noarchive, nosnippet and noimageindex
A modern API

A white label SEO solution for the happiness of your customers

The white label is available from the free version using hooks.

Go PRO to save time, and change white label settings right from the WordPress admin.

Multisite compatible. Manage it directly from the network admin.

Take advantage of the white label
White label settings - SEOPress
Install the best SEO plugin for WordPress

Your data in safe places

SEOPress is designed to be respectful of your privacy (Privacy by Design).

We do not collect any data without your knowledge.

No scheduled data collection tasks.

No connection necessary with our site to use the various features offered.

Your data is therefore not shared or used for commercial purposes.

You are fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personalize our interface by removing all traces of SEOPress, renaming menus, modifying icons etc. from our options panel provided for this purpose.

Respect for your data
For PROS, by PROS!

Give your customers the best to guarantee their success with SEOPress

Everything is hookable!

Almost everything can be filtered in SEOPress. Developers have several hundred hooks to modify the behavior of the extension as they see fit: metadata, sitemaps, redirects, robots.txt, Google Analytics etc.

Browse our hooks

White label

Remove all references to SEOPress. Change the logo to your own, modify labels, icons, menus etc. Customize our extension as you see fit.

White Label

Import metadata from other SEO plugins or from a CSV file

Easily migrate your SEO metadata from Yoast, Rank Math, AIO and more in a few clicks thanks to our import tool.

Migrate from…
Install the best SEO plugin for WordPress