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Google & Bing Instant Indexing

Get your post content indexed super fast with Google Indexing API and IndexNow API (Bing / Yandex).

Google Indexing API for faster indexing

Ping Google to submit (or delete) your URLs of your posts.

200 queries per day.

Totally Free.

Get your content indexed in few minutes, hours max.

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Google Indexing API activation

IndexNow API: ping Bing & Yandex to quickly index your content

SEOPress also supports IndexNow API.

An initiative launched by Microsoft and Yandex, IndexNow allows webmasters to report updates about their content, new URLs to be indexed or deleted.

By pinging this API, your URLs are indexed in just a few hours.

10,000 requests per day.

Totally Free.

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SEOPress Instant Indexing settings
Quickly index your WordPress site

Outrank your competitors with SEOPress now!

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Download SEOPress Free to get your site content indexed faster in search engines.

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Use Google Instant Indexing API with SEOPress

Learn how to use Google Indexing API with SEOPress for your WordPress site. Totally Free!

Index your content faster

Add your site to Google Search Console

Google Indexing API does not replace XML sitemaps nor adding your site to Google Search Console. Follow the guide!

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Index your content faster in search engines with SEOPress