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Best WordPress SEO for Small Businesses

Do you want your business to be more visible on Google in order to attract customers and talent?

A guided, easy and quick installation

Run the SEOPress setup wizard to quickly and easily configure basic SEO settings for your WordPress site. The best way to not miss any adjustments and increase your visibility.

Get started with SEOPress
SEOPress Configuration Wizard

Gain visibility on Google

Edit your title and meta description to improve your ranking and click-through rate from our SEO metabox.

Use dynamic variables such as “post title”, “site title”, “article author” or add your own.

See what your page will look like in Google search results with our Google Snippet preview (mobile and desktop).

Define the title and meta description globally for each type of publication, taxonomy, archives… as a fallback solution.

Add your SEO metadata
SEOPress integrated with the Block Editor
Optimize your sales and conversions with SEOPress

Make yourself known through your images and videos

Automatically optimize your images for better SEO:

  • by automatically setting the title, alt text, caption and description based on the file name,
    using the target keywords if no alternative text is defined for the visual,
  • by redirecting attachment pages to their file URL or the post’s parent URL.

Help search engines crawl and index your media faster by:

  • automatically adding your images to your XML sitemaps,
  • manually adding your videos to your video sitemap, whether they’re hosted on your site or from third-party providers like YouTube or Vimeo.
Get more traffic
SEOPress Image SEO settings

Optimize the sharing of your content on social networks to increase your conversions

SEOPress automatically generates Open Graph metadata to improve social sharing on:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn…

You can manually edit for each article, page, custom post type or term taxonomy: the title, description, and image.

Preview your content on Facebook and Twitter directly from our SEO metabox and adjust the title, description and especially the image to be as attractive as possible.

We make sure everything is in order by checking file size, image dimensions, format, etc. If there is a problem, we will alert you.

Activate your social networks
SEOPress Social Preview

Increase the sales of your WooCommerce site with SEOPress

Make it easy to index your WooCommerce product listings by submitting an XML sitemap for your products. Keep Google informed of the latest developments in product content and speed up crawler crawling.

Activate the images sitemap to automatically add:

  • WooCommerce Product Images,
  • and WooCommerce image galleries.

Add a product schema to all of your product listings automatically to increase your visibility in search results pages.

Increase your sales
SEOPress automatic product schema
Optimize your sales and conversions with SEOPress

Google Analytics:
improved e-commerce monitoring

Track your sales, additions and removals of shopping carts items right in Google Analytics with our Enhanced Ecommerce integration for WooCommerce.

Add an additional tracking code such as Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar … to the head, body or footer of the source code of your managed sites. Compatible with our cookie bar to manage user consent for GDPR.

What about Google Analytics? Your GA statistics data just a click away from your WordPress dashboard.

Analyze your results
Google Analytics - Ecommerce Standard Reports

No need for ad blockers

Who likes advertising? We don’t. You neither ?

You will never see advertisements in SEOPress. Whether in your WordPress admin, or via footprints in the source code of your pages.

The same goes for your XML sitemap.

Become unstoppable

Your data stays with you!

SEOPress is designed to be respectful of your privacy (Privacy by Design).

We do not collect any data without your knowledge.

No scheduled data collection tasks.

No connection necessary with our site to use the various features offered.

Your data is therefore not shared or used for commercial purposes.

You are fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Protect what is dear to you
Maximize your sales and conversions

Get started with SEOPress and optimize your WordPress SEO

No technical knowledge required

Everything is configurable from the SEOPress user interface.
SEOPress generates the necessary code for search engines.
Need help ? The email support is there to answer you.

Increase your positioning in local searches

Reassure your customers by displaying essential information about your business.
Increase visibility in local search results with SEOPress PRO and get more sales.

Optimize your WooCommerce store with SEOPress PRO

Stop losing sales now by getting PRO and start improving your WooCommerce store.

Optimize your sales and conversions with SEOPress