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Manage Titles & Metas

Manage all your title tags

Go to SEO, Titles & Metas.

Browse all the tabs, and set the titles you want for your homepage, posts, pages, post types, archives…

Available dynamic variables

You can use dynamic variables (click on buttons located below each field or use the Help tab in the right corner of your WordPress backend to see all available values):

%%sep%% Separator
%%sitetitle%% Site Title (alias: %%sitename%%)
%%tagline%% Tagline (alias: %%sitedesc%%)
%%post_title%% Post Title (post, page, custom post type, alias: %%title%%)
%%post_excerpt%% Post excerpt (alias: %%excerpt%%)
%%post_content%% Post content / product description
%%post_thumbnail_url%% Post thumbnail URL – featured image
%%post_url%% Post URL
%%post_date%% Post date (alias: %%date%%)
%%post_modified_date%% Post modified date
%%post_author%% Post author
%%post_category%% Post category
%%post_tag%% Post tag
%%_category_title%% Category title
%%_category_description%% Category description
%%tag_title%% Tag title
%%tag_description%% Tag description
%%term_title%% Term title
%%term_description%% Term description
%%search_keywords%% Search keywords
%%current_pagination%% Current number page
%%page%% Page number with context (i.e. “Page 1 of 4”)
%%cpt_plural%% Plural Post Type Archive name
%%archive_title%% Archive title
%%archive_date%% Archive date (month, year or month + year)
%%archive_date_day%% Day Archive date
%%archive_date_month%% Month Archive title
%%archive_date_month_name%% Month name Archive title
%%archive_date_year%% Year Archive title
%%_cf_your_custom_field_name%% Custom fields from post, page, post type and term taxonomy (replace your_custom_field_name by the name of your custom field)
%%_ct_your_custom_taxonomy_slug%% Custom term taxonomy from post, page and post type (replace your_custom_taxonomy_slug by the slug of your custom taxonomy, eg: product_cat)
%%wc_single_cat%% Single product category
%%wc_single_tag%% Single product tag
%%wc_single_short_desc%% Single product short description
%%wc_single_price%% Single product price
%%wc_single_price_exc_tax%% Single product price taxes excluded
%%wc_sku%% Single SKU product
%%currentday%% Current day
%%currentmonth%% Current month
%%currentmonth_short%% Current month in 3 letters, eg: “Jan” for “January”
%%currentyear%% Current year
%%currentdate%% Current date
%%currenttime%% Current time
%%author_bio%% Author biography
%%author_first_name%% Author first name
%%author_last_name%% Author last name
%%author_website%% Author website
%%author_nickname%% Author nickname
%%_ucf_your_user_meta%% Author meta (replace “your_user_meta” by your own)
%%currentmonth_num%% Current month in digital format

Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

Learn more about using WooCommerce product attributes in your metadata here.

You can also create your own dynamic variables using this guide.

Manage all your Meta descriptions

This is the same process as for title tags.

You can use the same dynamic variables too.

Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

Manage titles and meta descriptions individually

Edit a post, a page, or a custom post type.

In SEO metabox, in Titles settings tab, set your custom title and meta description.

Save the post.

Manage your shop title / meta description (WooCommerce)