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Create your custom dynamic variable for your meta title / description / social

SEOPress natively offers dozens of dynamic variables to use in your metas such as the title or the meta description. Can’t find what you are looking for in the predefined list? Create your own!

Step 1 – register your dynamic variable

Copy and paste this code to your functions.php of your child theme or theme:

function sp_titles_template_variables_array($array) {
    $array[] = '%%my-custom-global-variable%%';
    return $array;
add_filter('seopress_titles_template_variables_array', 'sp_titles_template_variables_array');

At line 2, we add our new dynamic variable to the array. Replace %%my-custom-global-variable%% by the one you would like to use. Eg: %%seo%%

Step 2 – display the value in source code

Now we have registered our new dynamic variable, we have to tell SEOPress which data to display in source code for search engines. Copy and paste this code after the previous one in your functions.php file:

function sp_titles_template_replace_array($array) {
    //escape your values!
    $array[] = esc_attr(wp_strip_all_tags('Best WordPress SEO plugin'));
    return $array;
add_filter('seopress_titles_template_replace_array', 'sp_titles_template_replace_array');

At line 3, we add our value to the array, eg, “Best WordPress SEO plugin”.

You can do what you want here with PHP functions: be imaginative!

Make sure to always escape your data for security.

Step 3 – use our new dynamic variable in your meta

Edit a post, go to our SEO metabox and enter your new variable in title field for example:

Custom dynamic variable with SEOPress

Et voilà !