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Google uses the wrong meta title / meta description in search results

You have entered your personalized title and meta description but Google is not displaying them correctly.

Why? What to do ?

Short answer: Google does what it want!

Long answer:

  • the first thing to check is your source code to make sure you don’t have duplicate meta title / description. Fortunately, the SEOPress content analysis feature takes care of this. If we find duplicate meta tags, you will be notified.
  • the update of the meta title / description is too recent and the bot has not re-crawled your site, or Google has not updated its index yet (it can take several weeks or months depending on the popularity of the site and its age)
  • the meta title / description is not considered relevant by Google
  • the meta title is too long
  • the meta description is contextual to the user search queries

You can find more explanations from the Google official website: