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Image SEO

Optimize automatically your images for better SEO. Get more traffic from Google Images.

Automatic SEO optimizations for your images

To be well referenced, an image must have:

  • a nice file name,
  • a title,
  • an alternative text (alt),
  • a legend,
  • and an explicit description.

SEOPress automatically defines all these attributes when importing an image according to its file name.

You can also use the article’s target keywords if no alt text has been defined on your images.

To go even further, SEOPress helps you redirect attachment pages to the URL of their file or the parent URL of the post.

SEOPress Image SEO settings

Image XML sitemap

Help search engines crawl and index your images faster by adding them to your XML sitemaps automatically.

We support:

  • standard images,
  • image galleries,
  • featured image,
  • WooCommerce product images
SEOPress XML Sitemap settings page
Image SEO

Get up to 20% more traffic with your images

XML image sitemaps

Learn how to activate xml image sitemaps for your WordPress site.

Enable XML Image Sitemaps

Add custom fields to image sitemaps

Developers can easily hook into our xml image sitemap and their own media.

Custom fields to image sitemaps
Optimize your images for SEO with SEOPress
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