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Track your competitors

Spot opportunities and threats, make informed decisions on how to optimize your SEO strategy.

Choose up to 50 keywords

The “Monitor Your Competitors” feature allows you to track who is ranking first in Google results for your keywords.

By monitoring your competitors’ SEO performance on 50 keywords, you can identify gaps in your own SEO strategy and opportunities for improvement.


Get a competitive edge in your SEO

If one of your competitors is ranking higher for a particular keyword, you can use several elements.

  • The domain to identify the positioning and strengths of competitors.
  • URLs to define what type of content is performing well on your keywords.
  • Volume to estimate how much traffic that keyword brings to your competitor.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) and keyword competitiveness to budget for a paid advertising campaign.
  • The dates of addition and update allows you to situate the results in time.

Use this information to optimize your own content for that keyword and potentially improve your search engine ranking.

Get a competitive edge in your SEO

The essentials at a glance

Customize your view to see the information that interests you.

You can also copy or export data for further analysis in third-party software.

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What are the referring sites?

The analysis of your backlinks is a major asset of your strategy, do not miss it.

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Measure your SEO efforts daily with SEOPress Insights Keyword Tracking.

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Get a competitive edge in your SEO
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about SEOPress Insights

2 languages: English and French. More languages will be added soon.

Yes, SEOPress Insights works like an add-on of SEOPress Free. However, SEOPress PRO is not required.

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