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Meet SEOPress user Larry Ludwig

Author Benjamin Denis
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Meet SEOPress user Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig’s is a successful blogger who has been developing websites for over 25 years. He uses SEOPress on his own personal-branding site. We asked him to tell us more about his blog and his experience in SEO.

SEOPress: Hi Larry, tell us a little about your blog

Larry: I created to share my personal experience to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their blog.

Larry Ludwig Website

On the blog, I discuss all things about digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, and affiliate marketing. I explain that it is possible to create a successful blog and turn it into a successful business. I detail the tools I recommend and how others can successfully use them on their own blog. I review and compare the services out there based upon my 20+ years of web development experience and expertise.

I also created a course I created to help writers with SEO. I’ve found that many writers need help in this area as they are frequently asked by editors to write content that is SEO friendly.

SEOPress: Do you have a favorite page?

Larry: Yes: How to Start a Blog – Creating a Website in 6 Easy Steps.

Larry Ludwig How To Start A Blog

SEOPress: Is SEO important for the blog?

Larry: In 2018, I sold my blog Investor Junkie for $6 million. Most of the traffic for that site was from was from SEO. currently gets 10,000 visits per month and 80% of that is from SEO.

SEOPress: How did you first find out about SEOPress

Larry: I learnt about SEOPress from a private Facebook group. My immediate reaction was that SEOPress is a better alternative than Yoast SEO. Yoast’s software is bloated and tries to do too many things not related to SEO. I particularly like your Google Snippet preview

SEOPress: Anything you would like to see us improve?

Larry: It would be nice to have Gutenberg-based schema features.

SEOPress: Thank you for your time!

Larry: Thank you for your product!

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By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

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