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We have rebranded!

Author Benjamin Denis
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We have rebranded!

In March 2019, you discovered the new version of the site. After more than two years of good and loyal service, we are pleased to present you today the new world of SEOPress, more modern, more practical, more representative of our products and our ambitions. Ready for take off?!

Let’s change galaxy!

1 year. This is the time it took to design, think and develop this brand-new website, what am I saying, this brand-new graphic universe for the SEOPress company. All our communication media have been reworked: logos, website, social networks (Facebook page and FB group, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), eBooks, flyers, roll-up, etc.

1 year. To rethink the entire information architecture of the site, its content, its design with a single watchword: your satisfaction!

To do this, we worked closely with Maxime Febvet from Deadwater for the webdesign and Aurélien Denis from WPchannel for its integration.

In terms of graphic design:

  • 20 different templates have been designed,
  • 1 new logo + 3 variations for each product,
  • a collection of several dozen icons,
  • new, more modern, and accessible colors,
  • two new fonts “Inter” and “Degular”,
  • design system: notion of reusable components / blocks regardless of the page template used for more modularity, maintainability, and graphic consistency

In terms of technical integration:

  • Bootstrap Framework 5.1
  • Fully custom theme
  • ACF + Classic Editor: the best of both worlds

Big changes to the website?

The most comprehensive menu ever

You have access to all the information you are looking for, in a few clicks, directly through the menu, completely re-imagined for you.
The sub-levels give you easy and simple access to all the information panel that is offered to you.

Solutions that meet your expectations

No more single-product site, this new design offers you several possibilities to propel your site in Google’s results:

Because we know that SEO is sometimes complex and technical, we make it easier for you to access as many opportunities as possible by offering you dedicated explanatory key features pages.

Talking about new features, we are pleased to present you the Solutions pages!
You can now let yourself be guided, according to your specific needs, for example:

Find everything you are looking for even more easily!

The entire documentation center has been revamped with the main objective of giving you the information you are looking for as quickly as possible:

  • redesigned search bar
  • highlighting of the most popular topics
  • sorting content by product and category
  • direct access to guides, tutorials, eBooks, changelog …
  • addition of the Tutorials section
  • ticket submission form accessible to connected customers directly from the Support page

The Blog is also getting closer to you!

The Blog has also been completely redesigned to make room for 4 categories:

  • SEO news: every month we publish news about Google updates
  • Case Studies: we love our clients, and we love to say it, so we share case studies (real or fictional) to let you know and help others, like you. If you too want to share your experience, you can write us your story here!
  • New Products: to ensure safety, reliability, and performance, we regularly update our SEOPress products.
  • Reports: includes all the tips or in-depth answers to your questions.

Are your questions specific or technical? Then you will love our new Tutorials section, attached to support. It is getting closer to your needs through its new segmentation: Getting started, Analytics, Insights, Translation, Structured data types, Miscellaneous.

Galactic stages

Now for a moment of nostalgiaas we remember our previous versions.
Three designs, like three stage planets to bring us to the same destination: the visibility and performance of your sites!

Version 1 dates from 2018, composed of green and blue, it is so familiar to us and yet it already seems light years behind us.

SEOPress Website in 2018
SEOPress Website in 2018

Version 2, also designed by Marina Mourguiart, was our home identity, very blue “liquid” with its waves and ripples. We evolved there and we affirmed our ambitions, before taking off to…

SEOPress website (v2)
SEOPress website (v2)

Version 3 and its new universe! The colors define your needs, the categories your questions, the articles your experiences…

SEOPress new website (homepage)
SEOPress new website (homepage)

Go exploring!

Made and thought for you! Explore this site, test it and do not hesitate to send us your comments, suggestions, encouragements, criticism to help us satisfy you even more.

A big thank you to all the contributors to this project who contributed directly or indirectly to its success: Neil, Lucie, Maxime, Aurélien, as well as you, dear users, who inspire us day after day.

With that, enjoy your visit!

“Change is the essential process of all existence.” — Spock

By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

  1. Pawel

    Great! 😀
    I’m just about to rebrand and I want to do a solid job on the multiple language versions of the site.
    How did you implement this feature? I am considering two options: plugin or WordPress configuration in Multisite. It seems to me that the best option in terms of management and SEO is the multisite configuration.

      1. Pawel

        Thank you – of course I have read these articles before.
        I wonder what method you have chosen for your new website 🙂

  2. Justin Kruit

    Great rebrand, looking good! I saw you mentioning using both ACF Blocks and Classic Editor. Can you explain this a bit more? As far as I know ACF Blocks is only for Gutenberg, and what’s the reason you prefer the usage of Classic Editor?

    1. Benjamin Denis post author

      Thank you! In fact we use ACF “normally” not with Gutenberg, we have updated the article. To answer your question, the block editor evolves in the right direction over the versions, but we consider that it is still not ready for prime time 😉

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