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Matomo, Twitter Preview, improved breadcrumbs and schemas – SEOPress 3.8.5 update release

Matomo, Twitter Preview, improved breadcrumbs and schemas – SEOPress 3.8.5 update release

SEOPress 3.8.5 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – Twitter Preview and improvements for Facebook preview

Like Facebook, you can preview link sharing on Twitter directly from the Social tab of the SEO metabox. We have added new checks to help you choose an image corresponding to the recommendations of Facebook and Twitter:

  • format,
  • file type,
  • dimensions,
  • image URL.
Facebook Preview SEOPress
SVG file for thumbnail? no no not with Facebook!

🎉 New – Matomo Cloud integration

Do you prefer to use Matomo to track your visitors? No problem ! The new version of SEOPress offers free integration of Matomo, the first alternative to Google Analytics, 100% GDPR compatible. Find the configuration options from SEO, Analytics, Matomo tab.

SEOPress Matomo Settings
SEOPress Matomo Settings

Requires a Matomo account.

🎉 New – custom taxonomy and post type in Breadcrumbs (PRO)

You can finally display post type and taxonomy in your breadcrumbs! Go to SEO, PRO, Breadcrumbs to define your settings.

SEOPress Breadcrumbs settings
SEOPress Breadcrumbs settings

We also fixed the W3C errors and updated our code to follow the new Google recommendations for SEO without forgetting accessibility. Now, the separator is displayed in CSS via a pseudo element (after), the last element is no longer clickable, and the CSS loaded in inline is from the head of the document.

🎉 Enhanced schemas

New properties have been added for Product schema:

  • product attributes
  • product availability

New article types:

  • Article (generic)
  • Advertiser Content Article
  • Satirical Article
  • Tech Article
  • Analysis News Article
  • Ask Public News Article
  • Background News Article
  • Opinion News Article
  • Reportage News Article
  • Review News Article
  • Live Blog Posting

Small improvement for the Structured data types metabox to highlight the number of automatic schemas for the current page:

SEOPress Schema Metabox
SEOPress Schema Metabox

🎉 Other news

We spend a lot of time improving compatibility with others plugins (thanks to their support team):

  • Oxygen Builder
  • Toolset
  • WP Customer Area
  • Polylang

We improved the broken link checker feature, white label and Local Business schema.

For the developers, we added 13 new hooks for Matomo feature.

Thank you all for your support, feedbacks, 5 star reviews, contributions… Follow us on YouTube (we added several new videos!), Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook community group, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive amazing posts right in your inbox about SEO, WordPress and SEOPress!

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This update contains the following changes (full changelog here):

= 3.8.5 = 13/04/2020
NEW Matomo tracking integration! 🎉
NEW Twitter Preview! 🎉
NEW Display custom taxonomy and custom post type in Breadcrumbs based on your settings 🎉 (PRO)
NEW Product stock/availability for automatic Product schema 🎉 (PRO)
NEW WooCommerce product attributes for automatic schemas 🎉 (PRO)
NEW Add "Article", "AdvertiserContentArticle", "SatiricalArticle", "TechArticle", "AnalysisNewsArticle", "AskPublicNewsArticle", "BackgroundNewsArticle", "OpinionNewsArticle", "ReportageNewsArticle", "ReviewNewsArticle", "LiveBlogPosting" subtypes for Article schema (PRO)
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cookie_domain' hook to filter Matomo cookie domain (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_site_domain' hook to filter Matomo site domain (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_dnt' hook to filter Matomo Do Not Track feature (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_disable_cookies' hook to filter disable cookies feature (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_linker' hook to filter cross domains feature (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_link_tracking' hook to filter link tracking feature (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cd_author_ev' hook to filter author custom dimension (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cd_categories_ev' hook to filter categories custom dimension (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cd_tags_ev' hook to filter tags custom dimension (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cd_cpt_ev' hook to filter custom post type custom dimension (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_cd_logged_in_ev' hook to filter connected users custom dimension (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_no_js' hook to filter no JS feature (
NEW Add 'seopress_matomo_tracking_html' hook to filter the full tracking snippet (
INFO Automatically add "coverageStartTime", "coverageEndTime" for LiveBlogPosting schema
INFO New checks for Facebook and Twitter preview (format, dimensions, ratio, image url)
INFO Improve UI for broken link checker
INFO Add domain not found if no status code to broken link checker
INFO Remove last link in breadcrumb to follow latest Google guidelines (
INFO Improve Toolset compatibility (thanks to their support team)
INFO Oxygen compatibility with SEOPress (thanks to their support team)
INFO ECWID compatibility with SEOPress
INFO Add count column to CSV redirect export file (props to @wpchannel)
INFO Improve White Label
INFO LocalBusiness schema can now be display for a specific page (default is now homepage) from SEO, PRO, Local Business
INFO Possibility to add seconds for the duration of a video (Video schema)
FIX additional tracking code in footer which was not displayed dynamically after the acceptance of cookies without complete reloading of the page
FIX Broken link checker if post_content is select
FIX Anchor column in broken link checker post type
FIX paginated sitemaps with Polylang
FIX Link in admin features list to schema tab (props to @wpchannel)
FIX autodraft with WP Customer Area (props to Yi Qi)
FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_date if WP < 5.3
FIX Custom canonical for blog page (notice in options-title.php line 1280)
FIX target keywords with special characters wasn't working as expected
FIX placeholders for social meta in SEO metabox if mulitple tags found in source code
FIX i18n strings
FIX unique ID property for Local Business schema
FIX W3C errors for breadcrumbs
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

  1. Marius

    Is it correct that the Matomo Integration only works with Matomo Cloud or also with the self-hosted Matomo Version?

    1. Benjamin Denis

      Yes, currently it only works with Matomo Cloud. But a priori, it could already work quite easily for self-hosted versions.

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