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How to disable content analysis metabox

There are four ways to disable our content analysis feature.

Hide the content analysis metabox

Classic Editor: When you edit a post, page or post type, open the Screen options (top right corner) and uncheck Content analysis.

Block Editor: Edit a post and click the 3 dots to open the Options menu from the editor bar (top right corner). Choose Preferences, Panels tab and unchecked Content analysis.

Block the content analysis metabox

You can define which user roles can view or not the content analysis metabox. To do this, go to SEO, Advanced page, Security tab.

Block specific user roles by checking the desired roles under Content Analysis metabox.

Save changes.

Note that this setting doesn’t apply to Administrators.

Disable the content analysis metabox globally

You can remove the content analysis metabox for every user, post type and term taxonomy from SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab by checking Disable Content Analysis metabox option.

Hook to remove the content analysis metabox

Copy and paste this snippet to your functions.php file of your child theme / theme, or in a must use plugin to remove the content analysis metabox:

Hook to remove the content analysis metabox by post type