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How to get Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks are simply links that appear below your search result on 1 or more rows / columns.

These links make it possible to occupy more space on the page and often benefit from a very good click-through rate.

SEOPress Google Sitelinks
SEOPress Google Sitelinks

Official answer from Google: sitelinks are fully automated, you cannot choose which links to display, nor force them.

However, there are few best practices to increase your chances of having them.

  1. add a relevant and short page title (H1). Same for other headings like H2.
  2. Structure your site and your content in a logical and clear way.
  3. Take care of your internal linking with relevant anchors.
  4. Write high quality content.

As you can see, to get Sitelinks you will have to follow good SEO practices that we detail through our various free ebooks.