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How-to install SEOPress for MainWP add-on


In order to use the SEOPress for MainWP add-on, you have to install first MainWP Dashboard.

Add the MainWP child plugin to at least one site.

And of course, install SEOPress Free + SEOPress PRO (optional) to both sites.

The minimum versions are:

  • SEOPress Free (5.9+)
  • SEOPress PRO (5.9+)
  • MainWP Dashboard (4.2.7+)
  • MainWP Child (4.2.6+)

Install SEOPress for MainWP add-on

Once you have met the previous requirements, sign in to your MainWP WordPress site and go to Plugins, Add New.

Search for “SEOPress for MainWP” and click Install.

Activate the plugin.

Now go to MainWP admin, Extensions, SEOPress settings page to start using the add-on.