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How to request user’s consent for analytics tracking with SEOPress

SEOPress is 100% GDPR compatible. Any analysis tracking script such as Google Analytics or those added manually from SEO, Analytics, Tracking tab, may be subject to user consent by displaying the cookie bar on your site.

By enabling this option, the user must click the Accept button to allow tracking. Clicking the Close button will not activate the tracking.

To do this, go to SEO, Analytics, Cookie Bar / GDPR tab.

Check “Request user’s consent for analytics tracking (required by GDPR)” option.

Personalize the different texts: consent message, acceptance and closing buttons.

The design can be quickly changed without any code knowledge using the colors pickers and other controllers.

Save the settings, clear your cache if necessary, and admire the result by browsing the frontend of your site.

If you don’t see the cookie bar, test it from another browser or in incognito mode. In fact, you may have excluded certain user roles from monitoring and / or you have already clicked on the acceptance button.