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How to setup Google Enhanced Ecommerce


  • SEOPress PRO 3.8.8
  • WooCommerce 4+ (not tested with versions < 4.x)

Activate Google Ecommerce from Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

This section and the next one is for Universal Analytics only. For GA4, you have nothing to do from GA website.

Go to your Google Analytics account, select a view and choose Admin from the left menu. From the View column (the third), click Ecommerce Settings.

Click Enable Ecommerce and Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting.

Click Save button.

Google Enhanced Ecommerce Setup
Google Enhanced Ecommerce Setup

Change the default currency

To be sure Google Analytics uses the same currency as your store, go to Admin, from the 3rd column, click View settings link.

From “Currency displayed as” option, select your currency.

Save changes.

Google Analytics: change the default currency
Google Analytics: change the default currency

Measure purchases, additions to and removals from shopping carts with SEOPress PRO

Go to your WP admin, SEO, Analytics, Ecommerce tab.

Check the three options:

  • Measure purchases
  • Add to cart event
  • Remove from cart event

Save changes and clear your cache if necessary.

Test your tracking code

From Google Analytics website, go the Realtime report, Events page.

Make a test command on your site.

Once the purchase is done, you should see the “purchase event” appears in GA.

After few minutes/hours, go to Conversions, Ecommerce, Overview. Change the Date range to Today to see your test transaction.

Browse each pages under Ecommerce, to analyse your top products, top transactions

For GA4 users, please read this official guide.

It doesn’t work!

If you see nothing in GA, try this:

  • disable any adblockers
  • test everything in private browsing
  • is user consent from cookie bar required to activate GA tracking on your site?
  • are WooCommerce / SEOPress / WordPress up to date?
  • if the payment is made outside your site via a gateway, make sure you have configured the return url to the store. Without this, we will not be able to know if the transaction has been paid and then, send it to GA.