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How to track file downloads, affiliates, outbound and external links with Google Analytics

The first step is to setup Google Analytics by adding your tracking ID / measurement ID.

Then, go to SEO, Analytics, Events tab.

To track external links, check “Enable external links tracking” option.

To track download files, check “Enable downloads tracking” option and enter the file extensions you want to track in Google Analytics to “Track downloads’ clicks” field.

Separate them with a pipe “|“, eg: docx|pdf|doc|txt

To track affiliate links, check “Enable affiliate/outbound links tracking” option and enter the keywords to follow.

Eg: if your affiliate link is and you want to track it, enter “aff” to the field “Track affiliate/outbound links“.

You can add multiple keywords by separating them with a pipe “|“.

Save changes.

Clear your cache if necessary.

Then go to Google Analytics website.

Open your website property, and go to Behavior, Events, Overview page.

From the right side, you will see the 3 event categories created by SEOPress:

  • external links
  • outbound/affiliate
  • downloads

Click on one of them to see the detail.

To see the URLs, from Primary Dimension, choose Event label.

Et voilà!