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How to use Google Inspect URL API with SEOPress PRO

Note that you must first create a Google Console project before you can follow this tutorial. More info on the official documentation.

Activate the Google Inspect URL API from Google Cloud Console

Sign in to Google Cloud Console.

Using the main navigation menu (click the hamburger icon), click on APIs & ServicesLibrary, search for Google Search Console API, click on it from the search results, and enable it.

Activate Google Search Console API from Google Cloud Console
Activate Google Search Console API from Google Cloud Console

Create your service account

  • If you have already setup a service account for Google Indexing API, you have nothing to do. SEOPress will automatically use the same service account added to SEO, Instant Indexing, Settings tab.
  • If you have not setup a service account, please follow this guide.

Inspect your URL with Google from your favorite editor or page builder

Now edit a content (must be already published and crawled by Google otherwise you will have no details from Search Console).

Go to the Content Analysis feature, Inspect URL tab and run the audit. Wait a few seconds to get the report.

403: You do not own this site, or the inspected URL is not part of this property.

If you get this error, it means your domain name set from WordPress General settings, home URL field doesn’t not match the one from Google Search Console.

Trailing slash is super important: is not the same as

If your domain names are not identical, please use this filter to change this behavior: seopress_inspect_url_home_url