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Import redirects from a CSV file

Since SEOPress 1.8

Build your CSV file

Import your own redirections from a .csv file (separator “;” or “,”). You must have these columns in this order:

  • URL to match (without your domain name)
  • URL to redirect in absolute,
  • type of redirection (“301”, “302”, “307”, “410” or “451”),
  • “yes” to enable the redirect (leave it empty to disable the redirect)
  • the query parameter without the quotes (“exact_match” = Exact match with all parameters, “without_param” = Exclude all parameters or “with_ignored_param” = Exclude all parameters and pass them to the redirection),
  • the counter (optional),
  • category redirect IDs separated by commas (optional),
  • “yes” to enable regular expressions (leave it empty to disable this),
  • and the last parameter, the connection status without the quotes (“both”, “only_logged_in” or “only_not_logged_in”).

Download a CSV example

Import your CSV file

Go to SEO, Tools, Redirections tab, Import Redirections section and upload your file.

Duplicated entries from your CSV file will be automatically removed to avoid conflicts.

Go to SEO, Redirections to see your new redirects.