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How to completely uninstall SEOPress

You want to remove SEOPress Free / PRO from your WordPress site? Follow this step by step guide.

Since SEOPress 6.2, simply add this line of code to your wp-config.php file to delete automatically everything from your database (Free + PRO), then follow steps 1-5.

define('SEOPRESS_UNINSTALL', true );

1/ Run a full backup (database + files) of your site: safety first!

2/ Go to your WordPress admin, Plugins.

3/ Select SEOPress Free / PRO from the list and click Deactivate from the bulk actions select.

4/ Now the plugins are deactivated, select them again, and choose Delete from the bulk actions.

5/ “Are you sure you want to delete the selected plugins and their data?”, click OK.

6/ To remove SEOPress’ entries from your database, open this one using PhpMyAdmin (or equivalent).

7/ Search for entries starting by “seopress_” in wp_postmeta and wp_options tables.

8/ Select the entries found and delete them.

9/ Delete “wp_seopress_significant_keywords” table.

10/ That’s it!