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Update my payment method

There are two payment methods on our site: PayPal and Credit Card via Stripe.

Case n ° 1: change your credit card (Stripe)

You made a purchase through Stripe, and your credit card has expired. To update it, go to your customer area, Edit profile page.

At the bottom of the page, from Manage Payment Methods, enter / remove your credit cards information.

Don’t forget to save settings.

Case n ° 2: switch from Stripe to PayPal (and vice versa)

You made a purchase through PayPal or Stripe, and you want to change the payment method used for auto-renewal.

To do this, go to your customer area, My license keys / My subscriptions page.

  • If your subscription has expired, or and marked as canceled, then click on the Renew link to manually renew the license key and choose a new payment method.
  • If your subscription is still active, you must first cancel the automatic renewal by clicking Cancel from the second table of the page. Then click on Renew link and proceed to the change of payment method