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Off-site SEO plugin for WordPress.

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Get $20 of immediate discount if you buy SEOPress PRO + Insights,
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Everything else you always wanted in your WordPress:
Rank tracking and Backlink monitoring

All in one SEO

Monitor keyword ranking and analyze backlinks directly from your WordPress admin. Add SEOPress Insights to SEOPress free or PRO to get the first full-featured SEO tool integrated in WordPress.

Easy to use

Our installation wizard help you to quickly setup SEOPress Insights.

Your data accessible for life

All the data are saved in your database. Even if you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to it.

Introducing SEOPress Insights

Discover the new SEO features offered by SEOPress Insights in video.

SEOPress Insights in video

$99 / year / site

Keyword Rank Tracker

Track rankings from Google Search results from 36 different locations (complete list in our FAQ).
Enter your own keywords directly from SEOPress Insights and our API will send you your rankings daily.
Thanks to the daily monitoring of your keywords, precisely analyze the SEO performance of your site.
Detect problems and act on them before it's too late.

  • Positions Where you are ranking in Google search results
  • URL The URL found in Google search results
  • Search volume Number of searches per month for this keyword on the selected search engine from the settings
  • CPC The Cost Per Click for the keyword in dollars
  • Competition Competition for the keyword in Google Ads. 0 for no competition, 1 for very competitive.
  • Favorite Mark some keywords as favorite to quickly find them in our Insights Dashboard page.

Monitor and analyse your Backlinks

Backlinks are a key factor for SEO.
With our backlink tracking tool, determine which sites link to your site based on criteria
such as popularity (CF: Citation Flow, TF: Trust Flow), language, country...
A crucial decision aid in your backlinks campaigns, establishing partnerships with other sites, targeted advertising, etc.
Detect negative SEO easily (sites making hundreds of poor quality links to your site to harm you).

  • Source URL The URL ranking in Google search results
  • Anchor URL The text content of the backlink.
  • Target URL The destination URL of your backlink.
  • Language The main language used on this website.
  • Nofollow? Is the nofollow attribute present on the link?
  • Citation Flow Citation Flow is a trademark of Majestic. Citation Flow is a score between 0-100 which helps to measure the link equity or "power" the website or link carries.
  • Trust Flow Trust Flow, a trademark of Majestic, is a score based on quality, on a scale between 0-100. Majestic collated many trusted seed sites based on a manual review of the web. Sites closely linked to a trusted seed site can see higher scores, whereas sites that may have some questionable links would see a much lower score.
  • Last Seen Date When the backlink was found for the last time on Internet.
  • Topic Categorization of the website. What is its main theme? eg: "Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development"

Google Trends

Explore what the world is searching with Google Trends.

  • Search by Term
  • Search by Category
  • Search by Country
  • Search by Time Range

Data to rule them all!

  • Data updated daily (rankings) and weekly (backlinks)
  • Export your data to CSV, PDF, Excel
  • Historic data: you keep your data even if you canceled your subscription!
  • Filter your keyword rankings by date range and/or keywords
  • Order your data by criteria
  • Show / hide columns


SEOPress Insights
1 site
1 year of updates and support
1 year of SEO data
Rank and backlinks tracking directly from your WordPress admin

Get $20 of immediate discount if you buy SEOPress PRO + Insights,
or if you have an active PRO subscription.
  • Track the positions of 50 keywords daily
  • Monitor your backlinks weekly
  • Historic data
  • Export data to CSV, Excel, PDF
Get SEOPress Insights

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with your purchase, no worries – we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many keywords can I track?

You can enter up to 50 keywords. Sufficient for the vast majority of sites.

What is the maximum number of backlinks?

1,000 backlinks, 1 per referring domain (which is huge).

What are the 36 locations available? - English, - English, - French, - English, - French, - Deutsch, - Spanish, - Italy, - French, - Deutsch, - French, - The Netherlands, - Spanish, - Portuguese, - Spanish, - Turkish, - French, - Swedish, - English,, - Polish, - Spanish, - The Netherlands, - Deutsch, - French, - French, - French, - Russian, - English, - Japanese, - Greek, - Deutsch, - Spanish, - New Zealand, - Australia, - India

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my data (rankings and backlinks)?

No. Your data is saved on your database. However, you will stop receiving updates from our API (rankings and backlinks) and automatic updates.

On how many sites can I use my license?

1 site.

Can I buy a lifetime license?

No, we do not offer lifetime license.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay securely with PayPal or Stripe (credit card).

How many languages are available?

2 languages: English and French. More languages will be added soon.

Is SEOPress Free required?

Yes, SEOPress Insights works like an add-on of SEOPress Free. However, SEOPress PRO is not required.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support by mail from your customer account.
Plus videos and blog posts.

Can I export my rankings and backlinks?

Yes you can export your data to a CSV, Excel file or your clipboard.

Others questions?


Start monitoring your rankings and backlinks with SEOPress Insights.

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