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Track your keyword rankings in Google with SEOPress Insights

Add keywords to Insights

There are two ways you can add keywords to track:

  • the configuration wizard
  • the Settings page under the Insights menu

If you are new to Insights, we suggest using the setup wizard to properly configure the plugin. This is accessible from Insights, Settings, Launch the wizard.

The wizard starts, do Next step.

Activate your license key if you haven’t already and click on Continue.

Here you are at the add keywords screen.

Enter up to 50 expressions, one per line.

Duplicates will be automatically deleted.

Choose your search engine

Below the keywords text area, a drop-down list allows you to define the Google search engine on which we will track your positions.

33 different locations are available.

Choose the one corresponding to your main audience then click Continue.

In the last step, click on the Review Settings button to return to the Insights dashboard.

Wait 24 to 48 hours for your first position statement to appear directly on your WordPress site.

Analyse and monitor your rankings

To see your keyword positions, go to Insights, Rankings page.

The graph shows the evolution of your average site ranking based on the keywords you follow.

You can filter it by date and / or by keywords.

The table below the graph shows the rankings of each keyword with the following informations:

  • Positions: where you are ranking in Google search results
  • Variation: the evolution of the keyword’s position in relation to the selected start and end dates.
  • URL: the URL found in Google search results
  • Search volume: number of searches per month for this keyword on the selected search engine from the settings
  • CPC: the Cost Per Click for the keyword in dollars
  • Competition: competition for the keyword in Google Ads. 0 for no competition, 1 for very competitive.
  • Date

Sort, search and customize your data

You can run a search inside your table from the dedicated field “Find data in the table“.

To sort your data by a specific column, click on its header. Click again to reverse the order.

To show / hide some columns, use the hamburger menu.

To export your data, click CSV or Excel buttons. Click Copy button to save your data to your clipboard.