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Activate your SEOPress PRO / Insights license

To receive future updates and access premium support, you need to validate your license.

To do this, go to SEO, License page.

  1. Paste your license key
  2. Save changes
  3. Activate License button.

That’s it! Do NOT save changes after that!

If your license key is correct, you’ll see the green status “active”.

If your license key doesn’t work, please open a ticket from your customer area.

If you want to unlink your license with a site, just click Deactivate button.

Reset my license key

If you can’t activate your license, or you get download unauthorized, please follow these steps:

Go to SEO > License and click Reset your license button.

The page reloads.

Then paste your license key in the field and Save changes.

Finally, click Activate license.

If you see the green status “active“, it’s good.

Do NOT click save changes after that.

How to activate my license on a multisite setup?

You only need to activate it on the first site of your network, which corresponds to the domain of your network admin.

Nothing more.

Add my license key to wp-config.php

By adding this code below:


You will store your license key in your wp-config.php file instead of your database.

With version 5.7 of SEOPress PRO, we’ll automatically try to activate your license key if we detect this define. Plus, if you domain name changes in WordPress General settings, we’ll try to activate it too.

I still can’t activate my license key!

  • make sure you don’t have any firewall, security plugins that prevent your site to connect to,
  • make sure your license key is not expired from your customer area,
  • you may have a “CURL ERROR 7 Failed to connect to host“: contact your webhost to fix it,
  • stream_socket_client(): SSL operation failed with code 1“: ask your webhost to update CURL / OpenSSL / SSL certificate,
  • make sure to have downloaded your ZIP files from the correct site. For example, if you have purchased the PRO version on our French site, sign in and download the files from the French version of this site,
  • if none of these solutions work, contact us!