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Elementor Breadcrumbs widget, primary category for WooCommerce products – SEOPress 3.8.6 update release

Elementor Breadcrumbs widget, primary category for WooCommerce products – SEOPress 3.8.6 update release

SEOPress 3.8.6 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – Elementor Breadcrumbs widget

It’s now super easy to add and customize our breadcrumbs using Elementor page builder. Change the alignment, link colors, background and more. Check out the video below:

🎉 New – Set a primary category for WooCommerce products

If you have several categories assigned to a product, you can now define which category to use for the permalink, the breadcrumb and the metadata (eg the canonical url) of your product page.

To define it, this is done in the SEO metabox, Advanced tab.

Set a primary product category with SEOPress
Set a primary product category with SEOPress

🎉 Improvements to XML sitemaps

We now include images (standard images, image galleries, featured image, WooCommerce product images) in News XML sitemap when “Enable XML Image Sitemaps” option is checked from SEO, XML sitemaps page.

Developers can now include external URLs to the XML index sitemaps with this hook.

If you still need to add target keywords to the news XML sitemap (the keywords in the news sitemap for Google has been deprecated for a while), use this simple hook.

🎉 Other news

We have improved compatibility with WPML, GiveWP and Query Monitor plugins.

We have a fifteenth language officially maintained for SEOPress (Free and Pro): Portuguese Brazilian 🇧🇷.

The default currency for automatic product schema is now based on WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads settings if you don’t manually define it when you create an automatic schema.

Many fixes, small improvements to existing functionality, and security enhancements are also on the menu.

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This update contains the following changes (full changelog here):

= 3.8.6 = 28/04/2020
* NEW Elementor Breadcrumbs widget 🎉 (PRO)
* NEW Set a primary category for WooCommerce products 🎉 (SEO metabox, Advanced tab)
* NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_external_link' hook to add external sitemaps URL to index sitemaps (
* NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_news_keywords' hook to add keywords to Google News sitemap (
* NEW Add post type column in broken link checker
* NEW Brazilian Portuguese language (Free and PRO) 🇧🇷
* INFO Add images to Google News Sitemap (PRO)
* INFO Remove shop page option in breadcrumbs is back
* INFO Improve "Test redirection" link for Redirections
* INFO Improve WPML compatibility for redirects
* INFO i18n Google Analytics (props to @lriaudel)
* INFO Improve security (props to @eringerm)
* INFO Improve compatibility with Query Monitor (props to @sabrinazeidan)
* INFO Remove Jquery dependency from Google Analytics tracking
* FIX Conflict with GiveWP
* FIX Target keyword with special characters
* FIX Primary category for posts
* FIX Improved saving of content analysis
* FIX Flush permalinks button from Sitemap settings page
* FIX Duplicate query with 404/301 feature enabled
* FIX Alternative text check for content analysis
* FIX Warning illegal offset when adding a new post without content
* FIX WordPress error in Google Preview
* FIX JS Warning if no social image found from post editing
* FIX Remove /category/ option after adding new category to avoid manual flushing
* FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_get_ua (props to @wpchannel)
* FIX Remove canonical / social meta tags on 404 pages (props to @bartekduls)
* FIX Default currency for automatic product schema is now based on WC / EDD currency settings
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

  1. Cobus

    Hi Benjamin

    What is the likelihood of getting the option of setting a complete custom breadcrumb? With the ability to reference any part of it to pages, etc.?

    For example, you build a category page (not the word press categories option) and you want that to be referenced in the breadcrumb instead?

    So technically you will give the option under “Select Primary category” to select any page not just the automatic categories pages generated by WP?

    1. Benjamin Denis

      If you assign several categories to your article and your permalink structure contains the post category, you can choose which one will be used, both in your permalinks and in your breadcrumbs so that everything is consistent.

  2. Samuel Speed

    I’m currently using a PRO version of SEOPress and when configuring a product which is in a single parent category and two child categories, if I set the primary category and save the changes, the breadcrumbs do not match the primary category chosen and instead seem to take the first option (by way of order) in the list of child categories, when I’m actually trying to set it as the second child category, not the first.

    I can send links so you can see it not working as it should – But ideally I’m just after some help as to why it isn’t working the way you state it should in the article above!



    1. Benjamin Denis

      Hi Samuel, can you open a support ticket please from your customer area?

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