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Enable Breadcrumbs

Activate the Breadcrumbs

To do that, go to SEO, PRO, Breadcrumbs tab.

Check the blue radio button associated with Breadcrumbs.

Then, check Enable Breadcrumbs.

Set a breadcrumbs separator (defaut: ” – “).

Click Save changes.

Add the Breadcrumbs to your theme

Using the Block Editor

Edit a page, add a new block, search for “Breadcrumbs” and add it to your post content.

Use the block panel from the right column to change the design.

Save the post.

Using the FSE (Full Site Editing)

Go to Appearance, Editor, edit the Header template part.

Add the Breadcrumbs block to your template and Save changes (checkout the above video to learn more about this).

Using the Elementor page builder

Simply drag and drop the Breadcrumbs block from Elementor’s left bar into your template on the right.

Using PHP

Copy and paste this code in your theme to call the breadcrumbs (eg: header.php file):

if(function_exists("seopress_display_breadcrumbs")) {

If you only want to get the breadcrumb (ie do not make an “echo” but a “return”), specify “false” as parameter when calling the function:

if(function_exists("seopress_display_breadcrumbs")) {

Using the shortcode

You can also use our shortcode in a text widget, post, page or post type:


That’s it!

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