More intuitive UI, better UX, schemas improved, barcode fields for WC and more – SEOPress 3.8 release

More intuitive UI, better UX, schemas improved, barcode fields for WC and more – SEOPress 3.8 release

SEOPress 3.8 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – a more intuitive and user-friendly interface

Following your numerous feedbacks, we have refined and improved every little detail, in order to offer you a better user experience.

Starting with the Dashboard which has a new design. The list of modules is now in grid to reduce the scroll, each notification is now more explicit for more understanding, and a welcome panel appears to highlight the configuration wizard and useful links like guides or the SEOPress YouTube channel. This welcome panel doesn’t appear if White Label is ON.

The configuration pages are not to be outdone with a presentation of the tabs which is now done vertically to facilitate navigation and responsive design.

SEOPress Local Business Page
SEOPress Local Business Page

Other elements have been refined, reworked, enriched: columns in publication types, additional tooltips, quick links to help, descriptions added, etc.

🎉 New – a content analysis more effective than ever

Announced on our community Facebook group, content analysis has a new indicator like that of the WordPress health tool with two possible states:

  • Good
  • Should be improved

Each analysis now has a level of criticality: high, medium, low or good.

If at least one analysis indicates “high” or “medium” then the overall indicator will be “Should be improved“.

If the analyzes are all qualified as “low” or “good” then the overall indicator will be “Good“.

On the interface side, the tabs disappear, each analysis becomes an accordion (click on it to see the details), with the criticality indicator directly visible, groupings have been carried out (eg: headings), and structured data are now detected: each schema is listed with stake ahead of duplicates to avoid any conflict.

Remember: Writing content for your users is the most important thing! If it doesn‘t feel natural, your visitors will leave your site, Google will know it and your ranking will be affected.

SEOPress Content Analysis
SEOPress Content Analysis

🎉 New – the Software Application schema

The Software Application schema is emerging within SEOPress. It will allow you to tag the content related to a software application to make it appear in the search results, the stars, the price, the category or even the platform (eg: iOS).

This structured data type is available both as manual and automatic schema.

🎉 New – Adding Product Global Identifiers type and Product Global Identifiers fields to the WooCommerce metabox

The barcode fields, namely, gtin8, gtin13, gtin14, mpn and isbn and their associated values, are properties required by Google for the Product schema.

Major problem: WooCommerce does not offer these fields.

SEOPress 3.8 now integrates two new fields to the WooCommerce product metabox to solve this problem: product global identifiers type and product global identifiers value (ie: barcode).

These data are saved as post meta. Thus, they are reusable by your theme or another plugin.

No more errors related to these two properties in Search Console.

SEOPress Barcode fields for WooCommerce
SEOPress Barcode fields for WooCommerce
SEOPress Barcode Fields for Product Schema
SEOPress Barcode Fields for Product Schema

🎉 Other news

Our partner TranslationsPress is actively working on updating the translations. They will be available with a single click from your WP admin, Updates, Update translations (Free and PRO).

This new version improves security, code quality and significantly performance.

For the developers, 3 news hooks have been added: “seopress_schemas_softwareapp_html“, “seopress_schemas_auto_softwareapp_html” and “seopress_sitemaps_headers“.

Finally, %%post_title%% is available as a new dynamic variable for RSS feeds.

This update is the largest ever. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Do not hesitate to leave us a 5-star review on the WordPress plugins directory, that is always a pleasure, or send us your feedback in the comments or by email.


This release contains the following changes:

= 3.8 = 03/02/2020
NEW Content analysis now detects duplicated schemas from your source code to avoid conflicts
NEW Add Product Global Identifiers type and Product Global Identifiers fields to WooCommerce metabox for Product schema - PRO
NEW Software Application schema (manual and automatic) - PRO
NEW Option to force a default OG:IMAGE tag if no custom OG:IMAGE set from SEO metabox (SEO > Social Networks > Open Graph)
NEW "seopress_schemas_softwareapp_html" hook to filter the software app manual schema ( - PRO
NEW "seopress_schemas_auto_softwareapp_html" hook to filter the software app automatic schema ( - PRO
NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_headers' hook to filter sitemaps headers (
NEW '%%post_title%%' dynamic variable for RSS feeds
INFO Improve notifications center
INFO Improve UI/UX
INFO Improve SEOPress Wizard
INFO Improve UI for automatic schemas
INFO You can now redirect 404 to homepage/custom URL without enabling 404 
INFO Adding a new verification in the content analysis metabox: if the post modification date is more than 1 year, a message will prompt you to update the content of your article.
INFO Add x-robots-tag: noindex,follow to sitemaps headers
INFO Add a new argument to "seopress_rgpd_full_message" hook to filter the close button (
INFO Remove some CSS from the cookie bar buttons to better match the design of the themes
INFO Add a new notification if automatic schemas used without Structured data types option ON
INFO Improve code quality / refactoring
INFO If noimageindex checked, remove image links from XML sitemap for consistency
FIX Bug with primary category link and Gutenberg
FIX Import redirects from Yoast Premium
FIX Small UI bug for custom automatic schema
FIX Keywords in permalink
FIX iOS toggle from Dashboard feature list / Titles and metas page
FIX Facebook Preview if site title is too long
FIX Outbound links check from Content Analysis
FIX Google Suggestions last empty item
FIX Improve security
FIX Performance issue with PRO
FIX Send parameters to redirect URL
FIX seopress-block-editor.js?ver=3.7.8:36 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

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