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Code refactoring, compatibility, user interface and experience enhancements – SEOPress 4.4 update release

Code refactoring, compatibility, user interface and experience enhancements – SEOPress 4.4 update release

SEOPress 4.4 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – Code refactoring, road to headless

Since the beginning of the year, we have launched the complete refactoring of the plugin, starting with the generation of titles and metas. Ultimately, this will allow better maintainability of the code, better performance and greater flexibility for developers. Indeed, our objective this year is to offer a Rest API to retrieve all the data generated by SEOPress and thus allow the construction of static (headless) websites.

On the user side, this results in improvements to the user interface: dynamic variables are now interpreted in the title / meta description columns of your content lists.

This has the effect of correcting the number of characters / pixels counted in the SEO metabox for the meta title, and rendering its value in real time in the Google preview.

Next step: make this operational for the meta description.

🎉 New – Schema enhancements

For automatic Local Business schema, you can now select your local business type from the list without entering it manually.

SEOPress Local Business Types
SEOPress Local Business Types

Automatic Product schema now supports WooCommerce variable products.

You can now use the post / product ID in automatic schema in 1 click.

🎉 Compatibility improvements with Oxygen Builder, Cornerstone and WPML

We have fixed the issue with Oxygen Builder and our content analysis feature. No more “2 meta robots found” error. The analyzed page was incorrect called, it’s now fixed.

We had a similar issue with Cornerstone page builder and our content analysis: fixed too!

We have also updated our wpml-config.xml file to facilitate translation of SEOPress custom fields like meta title and description with WPML translation editor.

🎉 Other news

We have finally removing completely jQuery from our Google Analytics tracking code (Vanilla JS FTW!).

We have added new help tabs for XML sitemaps and Social networks settings page (with videos!), improved user interface for our wizard assistant, and added a new option to White Label page to rename the “SEO” menu name easily.

We hope you will enjoy this new release and we can’t wait to show what’s coming next this year!

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This update contains the following changes (full changelog here):

= 4.4 (10/02/2021) =
* NEW Complete code refactoring on Titles and metas feature 🎉
* NEW Preview dynamic tags on post list columns 🎉
* NEW Live preview when adding dynamic variables for Google Preview 🎉
* NEW Add Local Business types to automatic schemas as new mapping option to avoid entering manually a business type 🎉 (PRO)
* NEW Support variable products for automatic product schema (PRO) 🎉
* NEW Support Global Product Identifiers for variable products (PRO)
* NEW Dashboard notification if Google Analytics is enabled without UA or GA4 ids
* NEW White Label option to change the SEO menu name (PRO)
* NEW Add post ID to automatic schemas as new mapping option (PRO)
* INFO Remove jQuery for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (no more jQuery with GA tracking code 🎉)
* INFO Improve wizard assistant user interface
* INFO Stop adding uppercase on the first letter of each word when automatically adding media attributes (eg: alt tag)
* INFO Add new help tabs for Sitemaps and Social networks settings page to improve user experience
* FIX Cornerstone compatibility issue with our content analysis feature
* FIX Oxygen compatibility issue with our content analysis feature ("2 meta robots found")
* FIX CSV broken link export with specific PHP configuration
* FIX Social tags for term taxonomies
* FIX White label: some SEOPress links weren't hidden
* FIX WPML XML configuration file (wpml-config.xml)
* FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce check on status order for measuring purchases
* FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce add_to_cart event from archive product page
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

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