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Improving your Local SEO using WordPress

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Improving your Local SEO using WordPress

Understanding local SEO

Local SEO refers to ranking in search engines when search terms indicate that the searcher wanted local, rather than national, results. Search engines can recognize the local intent of searches when the queries contain placenames (towns, cities, counties, states etc.). A good example of a local search term would be “Indian restaurant in Seattle”. Download our Free Ebook “Improving your Local SEO using WordPress”…

20 Tips for Ranking in Local Search with WordPress

Local searches and local search results in search engines are important for a lot of WordPress sites. Follow our top 20 tips to increase your visibility in Google for local searches and drive traffic to both your website and to your store! Download our Free Ebook “Improving your Local SEO using WordPress” On site Here are a few things that you can do on…

Ranking a mobile hairdresser’s website in Google

Consider that you are designing a WordPress website for a client, Debbie, who is a mobile hairdresser based in Paradise Nevada. Paradise is a town right next to the city of Las Vegas. In fact, part of the famous Las Vegas Strip is actually in Paradise rather than Las Vegas City. Download our Free Ebook “Improving your Local SEO using WordPress” Mobile hairdressers do…

How-to use SEOPress’ Local Business Widget for WordPress

Reassuring visitors is important if you want to generate conversions on your site. Legal notices, an About Us page, conditions of sale, user reviews, web design and the quality of customer service are all examples of things that will reassure visitors and help convince them to buy your products. Our Local Business widget is another feature that can help achieve this too, by clearly…

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