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Link building with WordPress

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Link building with WordPress

Get your site to rank higher by using link building. Understand the importance of backlinks and how to track your score with our selection of free tools. Follow 15 great ideas for link worthy content and conduct your building campaigns like a pro!

This guide will teach you how to build links and backlinks with Insights to know finding your existing backlinks, know which ones is the most popular and boost your SEO.

We also present to you a concrete case study specific to Hotel websites.

The importance of backlinks

Google revolutionized web search in 1998 when it launched a search engine using links to rank pages. Early search engines worked very much like search on your computer. When you search on your computer, you will see a list of all the files containing your search term in their content or filename. Search terms in the filename make it rank much higher in the…

15 Great Ideas for Link-Worthy content

Great Content Gets You Links! This advice is repeated often, but it is often hard to start producing content that has a better chance of attracting links from other website owners. Good links may help improve ranking in search engines, but also give you an alternative source of traffic and visibility. Good links are a double win! Promoting great content can be a big…

Audit the backlinks of your WordPress site (in WordPress)

In a previous article, The importance of backlinks, we had a look at what “backlinks” are and why they are important for SEO.  The main takeaway from that article was that links to pages improve their ranking in search engines, but not all links are equal. For Google, the importance of a page is calculated using its patented PageRank formula. A link from a…

How to Run Link Building Campaigns

As we discussed in our introduction to the Importance of backlinks, links to your website remain an important ranking factor in Google. As well as a host of things you can do in WordPress to improve ranking, you should have a strategy for obtaining links from other websites. This may involve running link building campaigns. Some of this work is also known as “Digital…

Finding Links for the Hotel from Hell

In February you were contacted by Clem who has recently bought a hotel in Coeur d’Alene, North Idaho. He wanted a new website and great SEO. Thanks to your advice, he has chosen a new name for the hotel. It is now “The Romantic B&B Hotel.” He fully expects to rank for searches on this new name, but he also expects you to rank…

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