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Optimizing WordPress for Speed

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Optimizing WordPress for Speed

Don’t you like to wait? We neither ! Optimize your site’s performance to convert more of your visitors into prospects and customers. Every second you win counts. And the faster your site, the more search engine bots will be able to crawl your site in the time they allow. Ultimately, this helps improve your ranking. Our comprehensive guide explains everything in detail.

Page Speed, Google, Ranking and WordPress

It is generally agreed that users do not like to wait for pages to load and even with the fastest internet connections, some pages can still be too slow. On average 25 % of users abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Slow pages reduce conversion rates too. Amazon famously found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1%…

Core Web Vitals and WordPress SEO

In May 2020, Google announced that page experience measurements called “Core Web Vitals” would become a ranking factor in Google Search. This was finally released as part of the Page experience update in June 2021. A lot of website owners are working hard to improve their Core Web Vitals scores in the hope of improving ranking in the world’s most popular search engine.Others are…

Running Faster With WordPress

Imagine that you run the (fictive) website on WordPress and already have SEOPress Free and SEOPress Insights. Your site offers online training programs and dedicated coaching for people that are already running seriously and want to improve or continue running at a good level. The name of your site comes from the promise of helping clients, “Run further, run faster and run longer.”…

Using PageSpeed Insights to Audit the Speed of Your WordPress Site

There are many reasons why you would want to audit the speed of your WordPress site but let us assume that you are motivated by improving your ranking in Google. As discussed in our article Page Speed, Google, Ranking and WordPress, page speed has been a ranking factor in Google since 2010. In 2021, however, page speed was integrated into the new Page experience…

10 tips to boost your site speed

Page speed is officially recognized as a ranking factor in Google. However, Google spokespersons Gary Illyes and John Mueller have gone out of their way recently to insist that it is only a small factor. Although they remind us that there are lots of good reasons to improve your site’s performance. Improving conversion rates for example. However you look at it though, slow sites…

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