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International SEO with WordPress

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International SEO with WordPress

Internationalizing your content is a great way to increase market share quickly.
But how do you implement this strategy on your WordPress site so that it is understood by search engines like Google?
How to make it accessible to your visitors, notably via a language selector?
What are the best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid?
We explain everything, step by step, through the pages of this guide on internationalizing your WordPress site.

All You Need to Know About Creating a Multilingual WordPress Site

For any business or organisation looking to expand their reach, grow on an international scale, or increase their sales – a multilingual WordPress website is the way to go. Providing your WordPress site in the language of your site visitors is the ultimate form of personalisation, and fortunately, there are a multitude of options available to help you achieve one yourself. However, taking on…

Top 10 SEO Tips for Managing a Multilingual Site

There are many cases where you need to provide multiple languages on the same website. For some, adding languages is synonymous with exporting products or services internationally. In many countries, though, publishing a website in multiple languages is the norm because there are many official languages. Even in the USA, there is an increasing trend for brands to translate their sites into Spanish and…

How to Implement HREFLANG With WordPress

If you run a multilingual website, you may have been confronted with the problem of the wrong translations showing up in results when you search for important keywords. For example, you search for your brand name in (France) and the first results are for English versions of the site, even though a French version of the website also exists. More subtly, you may…

Problems Localizing Barry’s WordPress Blog

International SEO can be difficult and there have been many cases where website owners find that even using HREFLANG correctly does not resolve problems. Other language or country signals may be needed to get desired results. To illustrate what sort of problems can arise, we have imagined a fictive example: A blog started buy an Irish electrician, Barry, in 2005. On his blog, Barry…

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