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SEOPress Insights

Introducing SEOPress Insights: backlinks and rankings directly in your WordPress

In SEO, the terms “on-site” and “off-site” come up very often. The first, the “on-site“, consists of technically optimizing your website: your content, your meta title, description, code quality, performance, etc. SEOPress Free and PRO allow you to greatly facilitate your task by automating this aspect as much as possible and by applying the necessary code for Google without programming. The second term, “off-site“,…

How to Track Keyword Rankings

In the article Finding SEO keywords for your WordPress site, we said that finding keywords is fundamental to SEO. Having a list of keywords to target will help you concentrate your efforts on improving site architecture, page content and even help you run link building campaigns. Download our Free ebook “SEOPress Insights” One of the first things you will want to check after you…

Audit the backlinks of your WordPress site (in WordPress)

In a previous article, The importance of backlinks, we had a look at what “backlinks” are and why they are important for SEO.  The main takeaway from that article was that links to pages improve their ranking in search engines, but not all links are equal. For Google, the importance of a page is calculated using its patented PageRank formula. A link from a…

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of SEOPress Insights

SEOPress Insights is a plugin that can be installed on top of SEOPress Free. Whereas SEOPress Free and PRO allow you to optimize on-site elements of your SEO, Insights allows you to audit and monitor off-site fundamentals such as keyword rankings and backlinks. Using SEOPress Insights, you can track up to 50 keywords in Google and monitor your best links from up to 1000…

Brewing Up SEO Success With SEOPress

Imagine that you run a small craft brewery in England producing gluten-free beer. How would you use SEOPress and SEOPress Insights to help you sell more beer on your ecommerce site? Why launch an ecommerce site? A small brewery will typically sell its beer locally through deals with local pubs and shops. They will often have a shop or a tap room at the…

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