Connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics

Since SEOPress 1.5, you can view your Google Analytics Stats in your WordPress Dashboard.

To do that, we connect to Google Analytics API and make calls to get datas with a Client ID and a Secret ID.

To generate your credentials, you have to login to Google Console.

In API Manager, choose Library, search for Analytics API (be sure to activate the right API) and activate it.

Google Console - Analytics API
Google Console – Analytics API

In Credentials, click Create credentials blue button, and choose OAuth client ID.

Check Website application, enter a name, like Google Analytics SEOPress,
enter your complete domaine name in Authorized JavaScripts (eg:,
and in Redirect URI, enter your URL like that
and Create.

Google Console Analytics API
Google Console Analytics API

Then copy and paste Client ID and Secret ID from the popup to your WordPress admin, SEOPress, Google Analytics, Stats in Dashboard Google Console Client ID/Google Console Secret ID.

Don’t forget to save.

Now you can click Connect with Google Analytics, grant access and voilĂ !

Last modified: August 30, 2018