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Export metadata from SEOPress to a CSV file

SEOPress PRO 3.7.3 is required.

Go to SEO > Tools > Data > Export metadata button.

Wait a few seconds (depending of the amount of content on your site) and your browser will automatically start the CSV download.

We export the following metadata from your post, page, single post type or term taxonomy:

  • id
  • post_title
  • url
  • meta_title
  • meta_desc
  • fb_title
  • fb_desc
  • fb_img
  • tw_title
  • tw_desc
  • tw_img
  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • noodp
  • noimageindex
  • noarchive
  • nosnippet
  • canonical_url
  • target_kw

You can use this hook to filter the arguments of the metadata query.

That’s it!