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Get started with the SEOPress REST API

Since SEOPress 5.0, you can request your SEO metadata using our REST API.

2 routes are currently available:

  • /wp-json/seopress/v1/posts/[postId] : replace [postId] by the ID of your post
  • /wp-json/seopress/v1/posts/by-url?url= replace the URL by the desired permalink

Available method: GET.

You will get in response a JSON with the following informations:

    "title": "SEOPress, Best WordPress SEO plugin",
    "description": "My super meta description",
    "canonical": "",
    "og": {
        "title": "My Facebook title",
        "description": "My Facebook description",
        "image": ""
    "twitter": {
        "title": "My Twitter title",
        "description": "My Twitter description",
        "image": ""
    "robots": {
        "noindex": false,
        "nofollow": false,
        "noodp": false,
        "noarchive": false,
        "nosnippet": false,
        "noimageindex": false

To request your data, you can for example use the WordPress HTTP API.