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Import your SEO metadata with WP All Import plugin

Export your content with WP All Export

Download the Free version of WP All Export from your WP admin, Plugins, Add page. Search for “WP All Export” and click Activate from the search results list.

Now go to All Export, New export page.

The first step is to choose a post type to export as a CSV file (eg: Pages) and click Migrate Pages button.

Click Confirm and Run export button, then Download the CSV file to your computer.

Open your CSV file with Google Sheets, Excel or Numbers to edit it.

Add your own custom columns with all the SEO metadata you want to add to your site like “meta title”, “meta description”, “og:title”, etc.

For fields with checkboxes, enter “yes” (eg: if you want to marked a post as noindex, add a column “noindex” with the value “yes”).

The name of the columns doesn’t matter.

Don’t forget to save/export your updated CSV file.

Import your content with WP All Import

WP All Import PRO is required here to be able to import custom fields. You can buy the plugin on their website.

Once WP All Import PRO installed and activated on your WordPress site, go to All Import, New Import.

Click Import a file, upload it from your computer, and select the correct post types (eg: Pages). Then Continue to Step 2.

Quickly check your file to make sure WPAI can read it, then Continue to Step 3.

Now, the most important part, is to map all your CSV fields to your WordPress database.

Drag and drop the fields from the right to the left.

SEOPress metadata are custom fields.

Check this post to find the keys of all our custom fields.

Then from the Custom fields section, add your custom fields with the correct name (ie: key) and the associated value from your CSV (see video above).

Once done, Continue to Step 4.

Generate a unique identifier by clicking Auto-detect button.

Make sure to check “Update existing pages with the data in your file” and “Update all data“.

Click Continue and Run the import.

Et voilà! All your SEO metadata are now imported in just a few minutes.