Elementor integration, performance optimization, better UI and more – SEOPress 3.9 update release

Elementor integration, performance optimization, better UI and more – SEOPress 3.9 update release

SEOPress 3.9 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – Elementor integration (first iteration)

Users of Elementor page builder will be delighted to be able to edit their SEO metadata directly from this editor.

This is the first iteration. In our next monthly update, we’ll add the Google Preview and the Content Analysis. It takes a lot of work and testing. We prefer to take it slow.

🎉 New – Automatic alternative texts if empty on images

If we don’t find alternative texts for your images, you can now automatically use your post target keywords on the fly. No need to re-upload / resave your post. It’s completely retroactive.

To enable this new feature, go to SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab, and check “Use the target keywords if not alternative text set for the image” option.

Save changes and clear your cache if necessary.

🎉 New –  Quick edit redirects

Editing redirects has never been faster. With one click, without leaving the list of redirects, you can change the start / destination URLs, activate / deactivate the redirect and its type.

🎉 New –  White label options

Several new options have been added to our white label feature (SEO, PRO, White label tab):

  • change the plugin name
  • change the description
  • change the author
  • change the website
  • remove the View details modal link

Works both for the Free and PRO version, multisite compatible.

SEOPress White Label Feature
SEOPress White Label Feature

🎉 Enhancement – drastically reducing the number of database records

Prior to version 3.9, each property in manual schemas for each post generated a significant amount of database records (about 135). On sites with a large volume of content, this could cause performance problems. We solved this by reducing the manual schemas to a single database field.

The migration will be completely automatic and performed in the background.

When the process is complete, you will be notified via a notification visible in the pages of our plugin. You can also from this one, perform a cleaning of old data in one click.

Backup your data before cleaning your data: safety first!

SEOPress Migration notice
SEOPress Migration notice

🎉 Other news

Hiding SEO metaboxes will now also hide our columns in post type for consistency.

Hide SEO metaboxes / columns from each post type - SEOPress
Hide SEO metaboxes / columns from each post type – SEOPress

Two new notifications has been added to our notifications center for Divi, Enfold/Avia Layout, Oxygen and WP Bakery users to help them generate automatic meta description with these builders.

The Google Page Speed feature is now using the mobile score and the latest KPI have been added: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

For the developers, two new hooks are available:

Dozens of minor changes that contribute to a better user experience are also present. Not to mention bug fixes.

As a reminder, we automatically disable the functionality of the XML sitemap native to WordPress version 5.5 to avoid any conflict or SEO problem.

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A big thank you to all our users who gave us their feedbacks in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of the plugin. This version 3.9 is probably the most important to date and we hope it will give you full satisfaction. Don’t forget to rate us 5 stars on the WordPress repository, it’s always nice!


This update contains the following changes (full changelog here):

= 3.9 = 20/08/2020
* NEW Free Elementor integration (first iteration) 🎉
* NEW Automatically set the image Alt text from target keywords if empty (this setting is retroactive, no need to resave your post content)
* NEW Hide SEOPress columns in post list (SEO, Titles and metas, Single post types, Click to hide any SEO metaboxes / columns for this post type)
* NEW White label options: change plugin name, description, author and website url in plugins list for both SEOPress and SEOPress PRO (PRO)
* NEW Add quick edit feature for Redirection post type (PRO)
* NEW Notification to automatically generate meta description with Divi, Oxygen, Enfold (Avia Layout), WP Bakery
* NEW Notification for Enfold theme if SEO settings are not correctly setup to avoid any SEO issue
* NEW "seopress_sitemaps_index_lastmod" hook to disable lastmod column in the index sitemaps to get a huge performance boost with large amount of posts (1,5 seconds to load 1 million posts - https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/disable-lastmod-column-in-index-sitemaps/)
* INFO Optimization of structured data in database for better performance
* INFO White label improvements: "Remove SEOPress menu/submenu pages" option now also remove items from SEOPress dashboard page
* INFO "seopress_get_pro_schemas_manual" hook as a fallback to display previous data before cleaning (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/get-old-manual-schemas-fallback/)
* INFO Adding new Google PageSpeed Insights KPI: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) (SEO, PRO, PageSpeed Insights)
* INFO Google PageSpeed Insights is now using the mobile index score
* INFO Add meta robots for Googlebot / Bingbot
* INFO Import Yoast Primary Category with our import tool
* INFO Quick buttons improvements to avoid empty spaces at the beginning of the fields
* INFO Add a second argument "taxonomy name" to "seopress_titles_custom_tax" hook to filter %%_ct_your_custom_taxonomy_slug%% dynamic variable (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-_ct_your_custom_taxonomy_slug-dynamic-variable/)
* INFO Add notice if "Override every og:image tag" option is enabled without a default OG image set from Social Networks settings
* INFO Improve UI in schemas
* INFO Improve UI when adding a new redirection
* INFO Improve post list with all SEOPress columns
* INFO Add redirection settings from the SEO metabox to import / export metadata to a CSV file
* FIX Compatibility issue with WP All Import for XML sitemaps
* FIX Content analysis with special charaters in target keywords
* FIX "term title" small button from SEO metabox for Terms
* FIX Broken link checker error in post type list
* FIX an issue on import tool from other plugins
* FIX 404 monitoring encoding issue with non UTF-8 charaters
* FIX 410/451 redirects from the SEO metabox (post editing screen)
* FIX i18n strings
* FIX Improve accessibility
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

  1. Viktor N.

    Please consider adding integration with Beaver Builder. It’s a lot more pleasant to work with than Elementor. Thanks.

    1. Benjamin Denis

      It’s in the todo list but no ETA yet 🙂

  2. Mugur Baloiu

    This is a GREAT UPDATE!
    I was waiting for this one. Thanks a lot! 🙏

    🎉 Cheers

  3. Justin Waite

    I am so excited you guys are taking a closer look at Elementor and adding features for it. Personally, I was starting to look for another SEO plugin that the Elementor community uses. Since you guys are being active with the Elemetentor community I think I will stay longer and see how things shake out. Another plugin I think you guys should also be active with is Crocoblock and support of their features too.

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