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Google Inspect URL, Matomo Self-hosted, Video XML sitemap & new blocks – SEOPress 5.7

Google Inspect URL, Matomo Self-hosted, Video XML sitemap & new blocks – SEOPress 5.7

SEOPress 5.7 is now available. We encourage you to update your site as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

🎉 New – Google Inspect URL right in your editor

The Google Search Console allows you to audit a URL and thus obtain essential information concerning its indexing, its exploration, possible errors, information on Discovery, AMP, the schemas found, etc. With SEOPress PRO 5.6, we have integrated this API into our content analysis feature. Directly from your favorite editor or page builder (and even without any editor – using the universal SEO metabox), you will be able to inspect a URL and learn more about its state in Google.

A significant time saver! Learn how to setup Google Inspect URL with Search Console & SEOPress PRO.

Inspect URL with Search Console with SEOPress
Inspect URL with Search Console with SEOPress

🎉 New – Support for Matomo On-Premise

The various court decisions taken by the European Union and its member countries undermine the use of Google Analytics. This solution even becomes illegal (decision of the CNIL in France) despite new efforts on the part of Google.

For many years, SEOPress supported the most famous and close alternative to GA, namely Matomo, but only the Cloud version.

Now with our brand new update 5.7, you will be able to track your visitors with Matomo On-Premise. Install Matomo on your own server and link it to your site with SEOPress. We’ll automatically generate your tracking code based on your settings.

Your data remains stored with you. And no one but you can access it. This guarantees your compliance with the GDPR.

Matomo self hosted installation with SEOPress
Matomo self hosted installation with SEOPress

🎉 New – Automatically add YouTube videos to your video sitemap

Requested by our users for a very long time, it is now done! We add when saving or publishing a content, your videos hosted on YouTube to your video sitemap with all the necessary information without doing anything.

Of course, you can always manually add videos hosted on other platforms or your server.

Note that we cache your video sitemap to improve performance for 1 hour. Clear this transient “_seopress_sitemap_ids_video” if necessary.

Finally, we created a tool to re-generate your video sitemap by scanning your content for YouTube videos and adding them to it. (go to SEO, Tools, Video sitemap tab, Regenerate button).

Just another significant time saver 🙂

Video XML sitemap by SEOPress
Video XML sitemap by SEOPress

🎉 New – How-to and Breadcrumbs blocks for Gutenberg (Block Editor)

Two new blocks are appearing for Gutenberg:

  • How to
  • Breadcrumbs

These two blocks can be added from a post content or via the full site editing feature (in particular the breadcrumb trail in the “header” template for example).

Of course, they automatically generate the associated JSON schema for you to allow you to obtain a rich snippet in the search results and thus increase your visibility and traffic.

Now SEOPress adds 4 blocks to the Block Editor: FAQ, How-to, Local Business and Breadcrumbs!

🎉 New – Automatically activate your license key for SEOPress PRO

Second iteration for adding your license key to wp-config.php file! Now, we’ll automatically try to activate your license key if we detect the define below in this file:


Plus, if we detect a domain name change from the General WordPress settings, we’ll automatically try to activate this new domain too to receive new updates.

We hope this will make this process easier! Feedbacks welcome!

⚠️ INFO – Incoming changes for XML sitemaps

With the next major version of SEOPress (5.8), we’ll change the sub-sitemaps URL to better follow the official guidelines of Google.

Eg: this URL “” will become ““.

If your server uses Apache, you will have nothing to do.

If you server uses Nginx, you will have to contact your host to update the sitemaps rewrite rules. More to come soon about this.

About Search Console, as the index sitemaps URL doesn’t change, you have nothing to do. The Google bot will automatically crawl the new URLs.

🎉 Other news

  • we have removed some deprecated tags in Image and Video XML sitemaps
  • several enhancements for our SEO metaboxes, Google Preview, Universal SEO metabox etc.
  • improved performance if Google Stats in Dashboard widget is disabled
  • fixed a compatibility issue with TranslatePress and another one with Event Calendar
  • and so much more!

3 new hooks for developers:

This version 5.7 is probably one of the biggest updates in SEOPress history! We hope it will give you full satisfaction!

Support us by rating the best SEO plugin on the official WordPress plugins repository: more than 800 reviews, and still rated 5 star. 😍


This update contains the following changes (full changelog here):

* NEW Inspect URL with Google Search Console when you create / edit a post content 🎉
* NEW Matomo On-Premise (self-hosted) tracking 🎉
* NEW Automatically activate your SEOPress PRO license key with the define SEOPRESS_LICENSE_KEY (PRO) 🎉
* NEW Automatically add your YouTube videos to XML video sitemap (PRO) 🎉
* NEW Breadcrumbs block for Gutenberg 🎉
* NEW How-to block for Gutenberg 🎉
* NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_video_xsl' hook to filter video XML stylesheet (
* NEW 'seopress_inspect_url_permalink' hook to filter inspected URL (
* NEW 'seopress_inspect_url_home_url' hook to filter home URL with inspect URL tool (
* INFO Remove deprecated xml sitemaps tags by Google for Video, Image and News sitemaps
* INFO Add post thumbnail to Google mobile preview
* INFO Add post date to Google preview for Universal SEO metabox
* INFO Improve accessibility for SEO Dashboard and Content Analysis metabox
* INFO Upgrade our universal SEO metabox to React 18
* INFO Strengthening of security
* INFO Update Monolog 3rd party library
* INFO Improve performance for GA stats in Dashboard widget if disabled
* FIX Universal SEO metabox: disable News and Video sitemaps tabs if disabled from global settings
* FIX Compatibility issue with TranslatePress: missing a trailing slash for post type archive link in XML sitemaps
* FIX Compatibility issue with The Event Calendar (single event and category event archive page)
* FIX OG and Twitter image if a user directly paste a URL to set these fields
* FIX Content analysis with Oxygen Builder in specific cases
* FIX HTML sitemap shortcode with FSE themes
* FIX Fatal error with WC and oembed if not a singular product
By Benjamin Denis

CEO of SEOPress. 12 years of experience with WordPress. Founder of WP Admin UI & WP Cloudy plugins. Co-organizer of WP BootCamp.

  1. Dale Reardon

    Very much appreciate this update – auto adding info to video sitemap is a real time saver.
    Can you also please consider adding support for Vimeo video embeds in the future?

    1. Benjamin Denis post author

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We’ll try to add Vimeo in a future update (need to check their API first).

  2. Grégory


    Quand est-il des serveurs qui utilisent Litespeed à propos de ce que vous écrivez pour les futurs sitemap XLM ? Rien à faire ou il faudra contacter l’hébergeur ?

    1. Benjamin Denis post author

      normalement rien à faire de particulier.
      Si ça fonctionne aujourd’hui sans code supplémentaire de votre part, c’est que c’est bon.

  3. Brent

    Any chance you could look into integrating with Fathom Analytics as well?

    1. Benjamin Denis post author

      Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll take a look at it.

  4. TOM

    I am very satisfied to see that SEOPress regularly updates the new version and functions. Keep up the good works

    1. Benjamin Denis post author


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    […] 🔦 Tillägget SEOPress har uppdaterats till 5.7, med stöd för egeninstallerade Matomo-instanser. Man har även lagt till för Googles URL-inspekterare direkt i tillägget. […]

  6. Mike

    YES! Finally, the Auto Video Sitemap is there. Goodbye RankMath, hello SEOPress 🙂

    1. Benjamin Denis post author


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